Modern cupboard made from found objects encourages recycling of old furniture

modern cabinet found objects from the streets of amsterdam

A few finds from the streets of Amsterdam have been breathed new life into. Designer duo Marijke & Sander Lucas created an impressive one from this modern closet for Dutch Design Only. This is another step towards reducing waste pollution on land and water.

Modern cabinet in glossy white “Trash Closet” by Marijke & Sander Lucas

Cabinet unique made of wood recycled furniture

According to EPA statistics, around 9.8 million tons of furniture were disposed of as waste in 2009 only in the USA. Can you imagine how many tons of used furniture products end up in landfills around the world. This is the least recycled category of waste, although most furniture is made from recyclable materials. With this design, the designers wanted to criticize our frighteningly consumer-oriented throwaway society and contribute in their own way to reducing deforestation and deforestation before it comes to a catastrophic end. The eccentric “Trash Closet” looks like it was created by a catastrophe.

In this way, old and used furniture can be recycled

white cabinet made from oak-pine-beech

Fortunately, the problem of furniture waste pollution is particularly popular with citizens. The cupboard was put together from various found objects such as chairs, fans and stands. It is mainly made of oak (90%) as well as white pine and beech. “Trash Closet” is offered in a limited edition for € 8,140 by Dutch Design Only. The designers simply say about its dimensions: large!

Modern cupboard underlines your individuality

closet designed from found objects trash closet promotes environmental protection

The graphic designer Marijke Lucas-Geurts graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven after she married the product designer Sander Lucas. You can find out more about the talented designer duo in their Online portfolio.

“Trash Closet” – a cabinet designed from found objects

white cabinet system recycled furniture dutch-design-only

Functional, eye-catching and unique storage unit

Marijke sander lucas design cabinet-white made from fun pieces

Recycle waste from the furniture industry

Storage units cabinet design marijke-sander lucas

Recycle old and used wooden chairs

Making furniture from recycled pieces-environmental protection-marijke sander lucas

White modern cabinet for the eccentric

closet design recycled used furniture-found in amsterdam

Modern cabinet made of wood

furniture-recycle waste-reduce wardrobe Recycle wooden chairs

The unique project by Marijke & Sander Lucas for Dutch Design Only

cabinet high gloss white with drawers furniture parts

Photos by Rene Mesman