Modern cardboard cat house successfully replaces the scratching post

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We present you one modern cat house made of cardboard that could successfully replace the scratching post. The Dutch designers at Krabhuis recently launched the innovative and stylish piece of animal furniture.

Modern cat house offers fun for your pet

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For an unknown reason, the cats love cardboard and moving boxes – they play with them and they sleep inside. The scratching post also plays an important role in the cat’s everyday life – it takes care of nails and provides a scratching surface. Krabhuis successfully combined a modern cat house with the scratching post. The house looks like something out of a children’s painting – a simple design with a window and a chimney. But in fact it is a very well thought-out concept so that the animals feel comfortable. The animal furniture has dimensions 38x34x52 centimeters. One side of the cat house is left open. The cat can sharpen its nails on the roof, watch the world through the window or just sleep inside.

Modern cat house combined with a scratching post

white hangover sleeping area claws sharpening

The cat house is not delivered in parts, but completely finished. Each house is built from 48 layers of recycled cardboard. The individual parts are manufactured in Rotterdam and then assembled in a foundation for disabled people. The project offers jobs for disabled people in the Netherlands. Today cats from all over the world – from New York, the USA to Taipei, Taiwan enjoy the benefits of design. It integrates harmoniously in every room and offers a personal space for the cat, which it only has to itself and where it feels comfortable. A modern cat house, where the claws can be sharpened – what more could a house cat ask for?

Cardboard cat house – the modern design integrates into every interior

Grooming tips street cat pick up cardboard house

Cardboard cat house – the roof offers an opportunity for claw care

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The cat house is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

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The cat house in the living room

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Katzenhaus offers the possibility to sharpen the claws on the roof

Scratching post roof cardboard handmade little cat

The house in the garden

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Cats from all over the world love the design

Moving Box Flat Type Norwegian Forest Cat

The dimensions of the cat house

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