Modern bookshelves made of wood – private exhibition on the living room wall

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the Wooden bookcases are practical and aesthetic storage furniture for the living room. Your private exhibition of books will be displayed very well on the modern shelves. We present a few attractive ideas that you can implement to give your bookshelves a classic, urban or romantic touch.

The wooden bookcases – popular pieces of furniture in the living room

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Your book collection can be showcased with the right furniture. You need a high quality piece of furniture where you can keep your books for a long time. The latest models of bookcases give you the opportunity to bring aesthetics and elegance into the living room. Rustic Wooden bookcases can be used as a decorative accent in the living room. If a shelf does not need to attract attention, light wood is used for it. But you can also choose wooden shelves in dark colors, which are in stylish contrast with the light wall color, and thus make your private exhibition on the living room wall more attractive.

More storage space for things – wooden bookcases in trendy styles

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Have you put your entire Bücker collection in order and you still have free space on the bookshelf? You can use the extra space on the shelf for decorations. Our suggestion: massive Wooden bookcases adapt well to larger living rooms. Of course, you can separate the individual parts of a modular shelving system from each other and create a playful bookshelf system for the living room. These pieces of furniture are characterized by a flexible design and can be integrated into the urban, classic or rural-romantic style. Make your private book collection clearly visible from all sides!

Practical design of the living room

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The living room is an eye-catcher with aesthetic decorations

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Ample storage space and private exhibition of books on the living room wall

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Dark color decor with bookcase wall

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Strong contrast accents in an eclectic style

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