Modern bookcases and buffets from Acerbis

Modern bookcases -white-indirect-lighting-led-squares

What makes a living space really functional is the ability to arrange all of your belongings neatly and comfortably. The messy living space where everything is upside down isn’t exactly what we’re looking for, especially when it comes to modern interior and design goes. Bookshelves and buffets are an amazing way to show what functionality is.

elegant sliding plate made of glass conceals the television

Modern-bookshelves-white-indirect-lighting-led-plain-picture Books are important to every intelligent person, so it’s not hard to imagine that owning them is important too. Next to Books one must also think about all electronic things that are used at home – TV, DVD, screens, etc. It’s always good if you like the new design for that Functionality and better keeping your personal belongings helps. Have you already thought that there is a good brand behind every good piece of furniture?.  Acerbis International Design has existed since 1870 so you will know for sure what they are producing. Your new, modern bookshelves and buffets are of the Designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti created as part of the 2010 collection.

Neat and modern look

Modern bookshelves -white-indirect-lighting-led-minimalist-tv-shelf

The beautiful bookcases offer space-saving properties and contain electronics. They also hide all those annoying cables, and do it with style. The ultra modern shelf has an elegant sliding plate made of glass, behind which the television disappears when not in use. You only have to push the plate in front of the device. These incredible ones modern shelves and buffets are available in black and white and match any room.

Modern bookshelves with a simple high-gloss design

HModern bookcases -white-indirect-lighting-led-sideboard-tv

Modern bookcases and buffets from Acerbis

Modern bookshelves and buffet glass

Sideboard in black high gloss

Sustainable mechanisms for gentle opening and closing

Modern black and white bookshelves and TV wall

Modern bookcases with sliding doors

Modern bookcases and buffets from Acerbis

Modern bookshelves in white high gloss

Modern bookshelves and buffets - white

Modern bookshelves with space for televisions 

Modern bookcases from Acerbis-white