Modern armchair design – comfort for you and playground for pets

modern armchair design pets playground side table multifunctional

We all love our pets and always want to keep them happy. With something tasty to eat or a new toy. A modern armchair design could also bring a lot of joy to the animals. Formabilio’s pet-friendly armchair is an excellent choice for those who want comfort for themselves and a new playground for their pet. It combines a side table, a bookcase and a pet house where your dog or cat can spend cozy moments. If you have or plan to have a pet, purchasing pet-friendly furniture is crucial.

Modern armchair design offers comfort for you and your cat

modern armchair design cat play petting nestore formabilio

If your cat or dog is like part of your family, it is important to get furniture and toys for the pet. Nothing is as unattractive as a sofa with scratch marks or an armchair covered with plastic. Since your pet will usually want to sit or lie next to you – under your chair or at a nearby table – why not choose a piece of furniture that fits both of you? The Nestore armchair by Formabilio is comfortable and has a variety of functions. You can use the end table to store your important items like car keys, remote controls, and even glasses. If you enjoy reading, you can put your books on the bookshelf below. Just like you, your pet needs a place to rest. This armchair offers the perfect place for it. The armchair is available in three colors – purple, blue and dark gray.

Modern armchair design with integrated pet house

nestore modern armchair design pets cat playground

modern armchair design pets nestore formabilio dark gray

modern armchair design pets formabilia wood upholstery blue

modern armchair formabilio wooden box playground small animals cat