Minimalist sideboard for bedrooms with an integrated dressing table in black

This modern bedroom with its impressive sideboard shows what a strong impact the choice of furniture has on the room. The light gray designed room is given the finishing touch with this designer piece. It not only visually enhances the room by spicing up a bare wall, but also offers a cleverly designed storage space for make-up. The sideboard for bedrooms with integrated dressing table by Iryna Lysiuk gives the room a minimalist atmosphere, which you can see for yourself in the following gallery.

Sideboard for bedrooms in matt black

Sideboard for bedrooms with hidden dressing table

Using the color black for the bedroom sideboard creates an interesting color contrast on the light wall. Added to this is the texture that it creates with the help of the back wall. This is because it has a beautiful groove pattern. The narrow chest of drawers itself is also made of matt black and simple lines and surfaces that could not better represent minimalism.

Bedroom chest of drawers with hidden dressing table

Chest of drawers with rear wall with attractive grooved look in black

The dressing table hidden in the bedroom sideboard, which is located under a flap with a mirror, is particularly ingenious. This contributes to the minimalist style, as the make-up utensils do not stand on the dressing table as usual, but are well stowed away. There is also a drawer that is divided into differently sized segments and is intended for stowing the make-up.

Sideboard for bedrooms in a minimalist style

The chest of drawers in the bedroom is not only a useful piece of furniture, but a real eye-catcher that makes the heart of every minimalist beat faster. The sideboard for bedrooms with an integrated dressing table also has another function: the back wall also offers space for a television, which thanks to its black color adapts wonderfully to the design of the bedroom chest of drawers and merges with it. The stool, which is equipped with attractive brown leather, creates a nice color contrast. Its frame in turn represents the same matt black as the bedroom sideboard.

Sideboard for bedroom – pictures

Sideboard for bedrooms in black matt with an attractive design

Take a closer look at the small chest of drawers below and see for yourself its unique effect. Whether as a contrast in a bright room or as an addition to existing black furniture – the design is without question always the right choice!

Seating comfort for the dressing table in the chest of drawers with leather stool in brown

Dressing table with mirror in the flap

The dressing table is under a flap with a mirror

Drawer for make-up utensils

Storage space in the sideboard for the bedroom for the make-up utensils

Integrated organizer made of wood

Sideboard for bedroom with organizer in the drawer

Design by Iryna Lysiuk.