Mediterranean garden furniture – designs and colors inspired by nature for outdoors

The outdoor space can be a natural extension of the indoor space with a special focus on the relationship with nature through Mediterranean garden furniture. In recent times this trend has developed into a real philosophy of life. This regards life in the open air as fundamental to human wellbeing. The Italian furniture manufacturer Ethimo also adopts this concept in its production. This is a young designer brand with a presence in over 70 countries. In just a few years, the company has developed a strong identity with comprehensive and diversified offers for residential, hospitality and business premises.

Mediterranean garden furniture close to nature

mediterranean garden furniture made of knitted materials and cushions surrounded by bamboo

The intense colors of nature and the power of Mediterranean landscapes have played the main role in the inspiration for these collections. In addition, this property and the natural location in the open air determine the choice of high-quality materials. These maintain their efficiency over time despite the weather. In the first 10 years of its activity, Ethimo enjoyed experimenting with different aesthetic codes and collaborated with international designers such as Luca Nichetto, Christophe Pillet, Patrick Norguet, Matteo Thun, Antonio Rodriguez and Paola Navone.

minimalist mediterranean outdoor garden furniture with sea view and rocks

The design called Esedra, designed by Luca Nichetto, is pure creativity in handling material. The name also evokes a perfect balance between enveloping shapes and materials. These convey new tactile and visual perceptions. Designs that suggest an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being result from the union of aluminum and teak in the garden furniture. The designers created the synthetic fibers using a special technology. Accordingly, they reproduce the handmade and warm sensations of natural, woven fibers.

outdoor terrace with a set of armchairs and sofas in retro style

The Grand Life collection, designed by Christophe Pillet, embodies its meaning in its own name. The design conjures up images of places of timeless beauty, fascinating and relaxed atmosphere and panoramas that evoke moods of serenity, and outdoor areas that welcome furniture with a restrained and warm style.

Nature-loving design in the patio area with modern pieces of furniture to sit on

This is an authentic expression of the Italian way of life. With Grand Life, Ethimo and Christophe Pillet celebrate their creativity and the unmistakable culture of Italian design.

Retro style designs with modern elements

large teak chair with surrounding backrest and stool in the garden area

The Knit design was born in 2014 from the partnership with Patrick Norguet and is a true icon as an example of such Mediterranean garden furniture. Every other season the designers enrich their collection with new elements. For 2020, a comfortable sofa and armchair will star in a new episode of an increasingly complete and constantly evolving lounge collection.

70s style with modern fabric elements as a design for mediterranean garden furniture

The models are constantly changing in terms of volumes, surfaces and materials. The designers therefore always examine distinctive features in order to maintain the charm of their knitted furniture. In fact, the two new creations reflect the collection’s characteristic heritage. In addition, this is defined by the union of natural or machined teak with the woven rope structure of the seat.

wide outside terrace with floor tiles in the forest and mediterranean garden furniture

Allaperto Mountain is another lounge collection by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. These are the first designs that were developed to enhance outdoor areas in a mountain context. Natural and processed teak, together with innovative fabrics and covers as well as original furnishings, create Mediterranean garden furniture and accessories that can withstand harsher temperatures and retain their natural beauty over time.

Elegant Mediterranean garden furniture with upholstery

two armchairs with upholstery and a round table on a terrace with a sea view of the island

Swing is the collection designed by Patrick Norguet in 2015 and presented in the 2016 catalog. The team enriches this season after season with new elements that make it more and more complete. The designer brings the furniture to life through an architectural play of repeated teak elements.

Bar chairs in front of the counter with woven wood and marble worktop

The whole thing is also attached to an aluminum structure. This creates comfortable seats that are perfect for outdoors and complement living areas with personality. Dining tables and chairs, stools, lounge and club chairs, sofas (modular or not), rocking chairs and coffee tables. So this is a complete collection that satisfies every need for comfort in moments of relaxation and conviviality and creates new experiences in the wellness area.

rustic wooden meditarrane garden furniture on terrace with natural stone columns

Last but not least, Rafael is another collection created from the vision of Paola Navone. The designer has thus improved the materiality of wood and the craftsmanship in production. The project is based on the designer’s ability to interpret and reinvent the aesthetic and formal inspiration of distant cultures and landscapes.

combination of marble and wood for a small side table in the pool area

She perfectly combined this with Ethimo’s passion to create an ideal and harmonious relationship between furniture and the surrounding context. Rafael is a collection of lounge furniture that evokes an essence of exotic places, suggests feelings of well-being and generates new experiences in life in the open air.

Enjoy relaxed afternoons in the garden area

comfortable upholstered armchair made of rattan and wood surrounded by potted plants and cacti

A sunny day by the pool

Sun lounger with colored cushions next to pool with wooden end table outdoors

Practical side tables with a modern design

Designer tables in green and light shades for modern furnishings in the garden

Mediterranean garden furniture for colorful accents outdoors

low table with green tops and modern shapes on stone floor

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