Mascheroni designer furniture brings the Italian style to your home

orange-colored leather chairs living room

the Designer furniture from Mascheroni bring retro chic and elegance into the modern apartment. Luxurious, valuable and simply beautiful designs. When it comes to such fine pieces of furniture, durability and timeless elegance play a big role in the selection. The entire collection offers wonderful interior design ideas.

Designer furniture from Mascheroni – Italian elegance


 Mascheroni is an Italian studio that has gathered talent in the field of furniture design and interiors. All employees, designers and customer advisors work primarily to take customer wishes into account and try to offer individual design solutions for modern people. Your main goal is to create a comfortable ambience where you feel good. the Designer furniture from Mascheroni are characterized by creative yet classic models.

Designer furniture from Mascheroni models and colors

modern office furniture crocodile leather

the Designer furniture from Mascheroni will give any room a luxurious look. Particularly suitable for large residences, where they create a unique atmosphere with their elegant lines and fine fabrics. The furniture company specializes in luxury designs and offers a wide range of furniture. Whether sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds, office furniture, desks or small dining tables, coffee tables and decorative elements – you have everything.

Chairs – modern designer furniture from Mascheroni

green armchair Italian design

We start with the comfortable chairs from Mascheroni – a large collection of designs is waiting for all fans of Italian designer furniture. They are refined and tasteful, with a simple construction and designed in fabulous colors. Some models show similarities to the classic and traditional styles such as Victorian and Colonial, while others introduce the new minimalist designs into the interior. The chairs are designed according to the motto ‘My chair in the office is my throne‘. the Designer furniture from Mascheroni are made for those who know what they want and how to get it.

Italian style desks and tables


Mascheroni presents authentic furniture with classic and high-tech additional functions for the modern office. Nowadays, office interior design is at least as important as the interior design and creates a cozy atmosphere where both employees and customers feel comfortable.

Beds from Mascheroni – authentic designer furniture in the bedroom


the Designer furniture from Mascheroni offer exclusive beds for the classic bedroom. Her suggestions for the modern bedroom include crystal chandeliers, mirrors for decoration and bedspreads made of fine fabrics. Interesting ornaments on the walls serve as decoration. You feel like a king in a Mascheroni bedroom.

Most designer furniture from Mascheroni are supplied with additional decoration as a thank you from the Italian company. Interesting vases and eclectic chandeliers are sure to fascinate customers.


Red leather furniture in the cabinet

red cabinet furniture

Modern cupboard from Mascheroni


Classic wooden conference room furniture

classic conference room wooden furniture

Timeless elegance Mascheroni bed

timeless elegance Mascheroni bed