Marble design furniture – Noble pieces of furniture that imitate the rippling ocean water

marble design furniture elegant 3d black marble

For many designers, artists and architects, nature is an infinite source of inspiration. In today’s post we present marble design furniture that leaves an impressive impression on everyone and is perceived not only as useful pieces of furniture but as real works of art. These unique pieces of furniture act as an invisible bridge between the modern interior and the naturalness of nature. The marble design furniture from the Ocean Memories collection with their unique appearance deserves our full attention. The French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has created a collection of tables, benches and stools, the design of which was inspired by the mysterious and unique ocean.

ocean memories collection mathieu lehanneur marble bronze

The Ocean Memories series is a continuation of the Liquid Marble series. All marble design pieces of furniture from Ocean Memories look as if the rippling ocean water has suddenly frozen. The furniture was digitally designed from marble blocks or polished bronze. The designer Mathieu Lehanneur uses 3D special effects software specially developed for the film industry to create the unique pieces of furniture. The uneven, three-dimensional and undulating surface looks deceptively similar to the actual water. The smooth, polished surface reflects the light in a similar way to the water, which makes the resemblance to the mysterious ocean of the world astonishing. The undulating structure gives the silent marble material movement and dynamism. On the other hand, these waves appear petrified due to the effect they create.

coffee table black marble wave-like structure

The organic surface flows smoothly into geometric structures and creates a unique contrast that does not go unnoticed in a modern room. For those who would like to have the expressive design furniture colored, they are also offered in bronze as an alternative to the black marble. Mathieu Lehanneur is of the opinion that such pieces of furniture only become beautiful if we don’t question the innovation behind them. Due to the rapidly developing technologies and processes, these marble design furniture are works of the present, modern times. The pieces of furniture from the Ocean Memories series fascinate with a surreal effect and appear extremely innovative and modern.

designer furniture collection ocean memories table

three-dimensional waves table surface marble design furniture

marble blocks uneven surface black bench

modern design natural stone marble table

designer furniture stool black marble

ocean memories collection marble design furniture rectangular table

marble design furniture surface bronze coffee table

ocean wave table slat shape marble block design furniture

table uneven surface marble design pieces of furniture

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