Luxury designer sofas for the living room from Italy

luxury designer sofas from italy with stripes

This article is about the fabulous ones Designer sofas designed by the Italian manufacturer B&B. The different pictures of the dreamlike designs shows how well all sofa models go with different interiors. Whether super modern, minimalist or traditional, every luxury sofa fits the corresponding furnishing style.

The color characteristics of the designer sofas

luxury sofas from italy mutually

All of these models and combinations of Designer sofas are in a great environment. The preferred background colors are mostly in neutral tones. This gives the room a feeling of breadth and more space. So the sofas actually become the accents in this interior. They are color coordinated with the room furnishings, but are also of great importance for the good interior appearance. Every designer sofa stands out for different reasons.

Designer sofa with black and white stripes

luxury designer sofas from strip italy

The color of the sofa is the main reason for its noticeability. This is an example of how the subtle collision between the radiant sofa colors and the neutral furnishing colors creates a liveliness and vitality and a connection between shapes, quantity and space. Red corresponds to gray or white to black. In another room, the neutral interior colors are enlivened by the black and white stripes on the sofa.

Luxury designer sofas in different groupings

luxury sofas from italy l shape

Most of these modern sofa furnishings are modular. This property allows more flexibility in room design. the Designer sofas look particularly inviting when they are designed in an L shape. This creates a nice cozy atmosphere and a cozy corner after coming home from a long day at work.

Sofa grouping in gray tones

luxury sofas from italy gray tones

The pictures also show an upholstered stool, which can also be part of the sofa grouping, or can also be viewed as a beautiful individual piece of furniture. You can also set up your sofa traditionally along the wall with separate seating around to avoid formality.

Purple colored designer sofa with ottoman

luxury sofas from italy purple color

The advantage of this modern Designer sofas is because it can be redesigned several times so that your living room interior never gets boring.

White sofa with black and white motifs

  luxury designer sofas from italy black and white

Dark red sofa with a modern design

luxury sofas from italy dark red

Cool designer sofas in lively colors from Bretz Brothers and Riva