Lounge garden furniture – great variants for summer 2015

lounge garden furniture sofa wicker rattan white upholstery turquoise

Spring is already in full swing and the sun regularly attracts us outside. Of course, you need the right ones to make it as comfortable as possible Lounge garden furniture, that not only look modern, but also offer the necessary comfort. Summer is approaching and you should think about it as soon as possible and plan your outdoor area if you haven’t already. We would like to introduce you to some wonderful models for lounge garden furniture that you will definitely be impressed by quickly. In addition to sitting areas with coffee tables, there are of course also deck chairs. Because what would a summer by the pool be without you? Of course, the day bed shouldn’t be missing either. There you can relax in the shade at the weekend, read a book and why not take a little nap.

Lounge garden furniture “Kattler Hampton”

traditional design basket look gray seating furniture lounge

This impressive seating group consists of a sofa, two armchairs, a side table and a coffee table that can also be used as a stool and to put the legs up. They all have a traditional American style in a wicker look. The upholstery is also selected in a delicate cream color to match the light color. But the seating area is far from enough, because deckchairs with the same style are still offered so that you can completely design your outdoor area with this lounge furniture.

Lounge garden furniture – deck chairs in traditional style

lounge deck chair style traditional basket design garden furniture

Lounge garden furniture “Rollover” by Coates Nigel

organic shape rattan sofa stool coffee table glass beach sea

Lounge day bed “Mood”

day bed garden wood decoration pillow purple terrace pool

“Mood” seating group as garden furniture

wood garden furniture basket parquet terrace turquoise cushions gray

Swing for the lounge area with a green design

swing garden furniture bamboo green idea comfort luxury

White “Menphis” seating group for the lounge area

white lounge garden furniture patio bamboo modern design

Lounge garden furniture “Newport” in purple and green 

purple upholstery green summer garden furniture colorful terrace

White “Paola Lenti” lounge sofa with green accents

textile white green furnishing garden furniture steel beanbag chair

terrace seating area beige sofa coffee table lounge pool

sofa large brown rattan upholstery lounge garden furniture

seating area outdoor lounge garden furniture white modern pleated pergola

rattan lounge garden furniture upholstery white brown terrace design

lounge garden furniture pergola aluminum roofing summer

lounge garden furniture curtains lighting coffee table round

deck chair day bed coffee table lounge garden furniture black and white

deck chair basket gray day bed idea lounge garden furniture

cushion cushion colorful stripes deck chair lounge idea parasol

wood floor couch long white upholstery lounge design

wicker garden furniture design nature look terrace pool lounge

furnishing modern terrace white green wood lounge

design idea garden furniture white modern minimalist

couch modular lounge brown white side table terrace modern furnishing

bed pillow outdoor palm lounge design pool

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