Lounge chair made of ash wood impresses with its visual lightness

Lounge Chair-Single Cord-Josh Shiau Design Portfolio

We present you an extremely interesting one Lounge chair, designed by the young designer Josh Shiau, who incidentally is still studying product design at the Rhode Island School of Design. The wooden frame and seat made of intertwined cords have a certain resemblance to a loom, even a harp. The chair was given the name Single Cord Lounge.

Lounge chair offers maximum comfort with minimum material

Wooden chair prototype loom-modern design interpretation

The single cord Lounge chair, As the name suggests, it consists of a single cord with a total length of 30 meters. This forms the seat and the backrest at the same time. The wooden structure was built from an ash board. The chair impresses with its clear lines, which can be traced back to a minimalist concept.

Lounge chair designed with transparency

Lounge chair-modern design solution resembles harp and loom

Of the Lounge chair has been designed to be ergonomic and offers ideal seating comfort despite the visual lightness that it conveys. The ash construction is extremely stable. The seat adapts to the body shape and ensures even weight distribution. Josh wanted to achieve a subtle plasticity through the rhythm of lines and movements.

Modern airy chair

Designer chair-to relax-Josh Shiau ash wood

The talented designer likes to deal with craftsmanship and tries to create such design objects that are in harmony with his ideas and ideas. Josh attaches great importance to the quality of the selected materials. Josh believes design enables us to better understand the objects around us. We see great potential here. And you? For more information visit this Portfolio by Josh Shiau.

Single Cord Lounge conveys cozy warmth

Ash wood furniture ergonomic seat made of braided cord

30 meter long cord was used for the seat and backrest

Braided corduroy chair design modern