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You get the daily relaxation dose with the exclusive Lounge chair “Cocoon” with the highest level of comfort and elegant design. The design by the designer Tompson Tompson from Moscow, Russia, is characterized by technical functions that convey a feeling of luxury. Whether in the private area or as outdoor furniture – the armchair ensures relaxing breathing breaks. Let yourself be inspired by the great living ideas for your own four walls!

Lounge chair with an attractive appearance

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Of the Lounge chair “Cocoon” is a versatile piece of relaxation furniture that visually dominates the room and is a great eye-catcher. The design can be used to set accents in the bedroom, living room or outdoors. The attractive appearance creates the prerequisite for integrated design lines with which you can achieve a harmonious look in every room.

Lounge chair – integrate a “place of relaxation” into the public space

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The design of Tompson is suitable for public spaces – in offices, airports, waiting rooms – and for private homes. The shape, which is similar to a flower bell, guarantees a feeling of security and disconnection from the stress of the day. Once you’ve snuggled into the relaxation furniture, you don’t want to get up again. The organic shapes can be tied like laces to prevent unwanted looks.

The “Cocoon” recliner promotes a relaxed atmosphere 

Armchair modern execution-living ideas trends

People like to stay longer in the Cocoon. Design and functions are combined here to perfection. The frame construction with a finely granulated structure enables flexibility and robustness at the same time. Of the Lounge chair is a design object with many faces – simple or playful. There are several types of upholstery – woven, made of fabric e.g. velvet, etc. Large and delicate colored patterns and cushions make the piece of furniture even more attractive and ensure even more relaxation and living comfort.

More comfort in public spaces

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Designer armchair integrated in the bedroom

Futuristic armchair design bedroom furniture

Futuristic armchair design

Relax armchair design Modern lounge furniture Cocoon

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Elegantly shaped outdoor lounge furniture for your oasis of wellbeing