Loft bed for adults in a wooden box as a space-saving solution in a small apartment

loft bed for adults wooden cube sleeping area

When TOWOdesign received the order for a small 40 m² apartment in Shanghai, China, the limited living space posed a major challenge. In order to make the best possible use of the available space, the interior designers decided to raise the sleeping area and put it in a wooden box to shape with curved edges. An adult loft bed sits in the middle of the sleeping area, with the stairs that lead to it having built-in storage space. Read more about the space-saving bedroom in this apartment in China in the article.

A loft bed for adults saves space in the small apartment

design small apartment loft bed adult space-saving facility

Loft beds are not just for the children’s room. A loft bed for adults is considered the best solution for small apartments, as it saves space and offers plenty of storage space. A good example is the sleeping area of ​​this small apartment in Shanghai.

sleeping area wood box loft bed storage space stairs cupboards drawers

Because of the small living space, the designers decided to design the bedroom like a small wooden cube. The “wooden box” is made entirely of warm wood and has a lot more to offer than just sleeping space. Since there is never enough storage space in a small apartment, the interior designers have turned every possible niche into storage space, for example the area within the stairs that lead to the sleeping area. Below the loft bed, the wooden box also has storage space in the form of two separate pull-out cupboards.

adult loft bed wooden box pull-out wardrobes

A small sleeping area with a modern design

small apartment sleeping area design loft bed adults space-saving

In the wooden box, the loft bed for adults is exactly in the middle and above it is a cutout with indirect lighting. The ceiling under the cutout is painted white, which in combination with the lighting is reminiscent of a skylight. Two of the walls in the bedroom are fitted with shelves, with the upper steps of the stairs serving as bedside tables.

loft bed for adults wood cube storage space stairs

On the other side of the bed there is another staircase that leads to a small door opening. Instead of a door leaf, this entrance is equipped with a curtain. The small staircase on this side also has some storage space, in the form of drawers on each step.

Project by TOWOdesign