Loft bed for adults – 9 space-saving ideas for small apartments

Loft bed for adults -space-saving-small-apartment-examples-one-room apartment-idea

The small apartment presents us with the challenge of cleverly optimizing the cramped space so that there is space for everything that is useful. It doesn’t work without clever solutions and custom-made furniture is our only way out. A Loft bed for adults With a construction that is adapted to the room, not only does it save space, it also offers space for storage, as built-in cupboards or simply as free living space. We present 9 inspiring examples from designers around the world who, upon request, have conjured up real masterpieces for their customers from the tiny one-room apartments.

Loft bed for adults – 9 designer projects at a glance

Loft bed for adults -space-saving-small-apartment-brick-brick-loft-metal-wood

Any room can be inhabited, especially if there is a shortage of apartments in the big cities. The designer Christi Azevedo converted a boiler room into a cute one-room apartment. Kitchenette, sitting area and, at room height, a chic ladder leads to the loft bed for adults. The loft character is retained even after the redesign and can be seen in the rough brick walls.

Loft bed for adults as part of the library wall 

Loft bed for adults -space-saving-small-apartment-white-cabinet-library wall

Sufficient room height is required for a really comfortable loft bed for adults. Old buildings, lofts and others are wonderfully suitable for reconstructions like this. The Craft Design team converts an office space with a top central location into a modern one-room apartment. The loft bed was integrated into the library wall construction. Thanks to the impressively high ceiling and the white wall paint, the tiny apartment looks very cozy and inviting.

Loft bed for adults – one-room apartment with only 13 square meters 

Loft bed for adults space-saving-small-apartment-white-ladder-cupboard-bright

A loft bed for adults is the only choice when you only have 13 square meters of living space. But it can be really chic and practical when you have everything useful within reach. The designer Szymon Hanczar used the kitchenette and the built-in wardrobe as a construction for the sleeping area. This leads to a simple ladder that looks almost filigree.

Loft bed for adults – practical construction optimizes the confined space


Young designers from ICOSA designed a whole unit as functional furniture for one-room apartments for students and young people. A workstation and a second bed are planned in the construction, above which is the loft bed for adults, to which a shelf ladder leads. There is also plenty of space-saving cupboards and storage space.

Loft bed for adults – ensure privacy despite the small living space


A problematic point with the small apartments is the lack of privacy. Concrete designs furniture for tiny hotel rooms that brings everything under one roof – modern design, functionality and private areas. The loft bed for adults is located behind a slatted wall with a natural wood look. The stairs that lead to the sleeping area can be moved into the cabinet construction, so it remains invisible and the space below and above the steps is used for storage.

Loft bed for adults as a space-creating solution for young families with babies


L. McComber Architects redesigned a 65 square meter apartment for young families and created a functional bedroom for parents and the toddler with the help of a loft bed. The construction of the bed for adults is at room height, above the cot. The elegant design was conceived from molded wood in an ogran shape. A sufficiently high ceiling is an important requirement for a design like this.

Loft bed for adults converts the areas in the cramped space


Small, 50 square meter one-room apartment was reconstructed by Jordan Parnass Architecture and divided into different areas in a single room. The interior is designed exclusively in wood and white and has a particularly cozy effect. The specially designed loft bed construction offers the possibility of dividing the living room and sleeping area and at the same time perceiving them as a unit.

Loft bed for adults possible in rooms with high ceilings


A loft bed is not for everyone, but the perfect solution for small rooms with high ceilings. In Situ designed a bedroom in the manner of a loft bed construction and convert the apartment more or less into a real mansard.

Loft bed for adults for small apartments with a loft character


A small apartment doesn’t offer many options for all activities at home, especially for separate sleeping and living areas. Nookarchitects even succeeded in integrating a wardrobe with a functional loft bed for adults and at the same time leaving free space for everyday activities. There’s a tiny dressing room under the bed with curtains to keep it from looking messy and untidy.