Light wooden furniture is trendy again – the natural choice for your home

Light woods-for Möbel-Hülsta dining room table clear lines

Light wooden furniture are back in fashion and form the heart of numerous contemporary apartments. Furniture made of light wood radiates visual lightness and looks fresh and noble at the same time. In addition, the natural material promotes a new philosophy of life – the return to nature.

Light wooden furniture for a comfortable living environment

Hülsta living areas furniture knit optics modern-light wooden furniture-tameta

Light woods such as maple, birch, beech, spruce, fir, larch, etc. can be polished well. The grains of the different types of wood vary from layer to colorful to very playful. For furniture, these woods can be used in a variety of ways in all living spaces.

Modern furniture made of light woods for an inspiring home

Structure wood beech modern furniture -wooden table dining room-lacquer finish

The different nuances – yellowish, soft yellow, beige, honey yellow give the room a cozy atmosphere. Light wooden furniture are a trend in interiors, both in the private and in the commercial sector.

The bedroom made of light wood looks friendly and pleasant

Modern bedroom design bed hülsta structured beech wood

Light wooden furniture can be integrated into almost all furnishing styles – from minimalist to modern to rustic style. If they are covered with natural-colored fabrics, they go wonderfully with different types of flooring and textures. The beauty of the solid natural woods is made by the world famous manufacturer Hülsta presented in clear forms.

Rectangular coffee table made of solid alder with a glass top 

Coffee table made of solid alder furniture design glass top, red carpet

Hülsta wooden furniture represents a mix of design, functionality and first-class material. The furniture presented here is only part of the extensive range of colors. Each piece of furniture impresses with its special charm. For Hülsta’s designers, the furniture is an expression of personality. The zetlos beautiful shapes guarantee future success.

Tempting table arrangement for dining room – table made of fine oak

Kitchen design table hulsta dining room natural look oak wood

In Hülsta’s products, light was used as an additional design element to underline the natural aesthetics of the furniture. Much of the high-quality real wood furniture has integrated light sources.

Solid wood bedside table made of alder

Furniture bedside table-bedroom solid wood-alder glass-white decoration

Modern hall furniture in alder wood

Solid alder corridor furniture design-light woods

Solid ash reduced to a clear design language

Solid wood ash-Hülsta furniture design-sand white bedside lamp

Wall system for living rooms in a reduced design

Wall cabinet-living room shelving system-light brown ash wood

Beech furniture radiates calm into the bedroom

Acrea bed design furniture Hülsta light wood beech structure