Knee chair with desk – a healthy and space-saving design

Knee chair with desk-metal frame-gray-work-reading

Sitting in a simple office chair for long hours has a negative impact on health. A great alternative would be the orthopedic foldable The Edge Knee chair with desk, which can also be easily transported. Thanks to the innovative design, the chair can be unfolded for less than 10 seconds and is ready for work. The construction is adaptable to the size of almost any human body and can be used as a desk or easel.

Orthopedic knee chair with a desk helps with back pain

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The construction allows you to keep a good sitting position at the workplace and thereby increase your performance. The knee chair with desk is a great solution not only for the workplace, but also if you want to work at home and at the same time have less free space in the room.

Knee chair with desk for more comfort during the work process

Knee chair with desk design-orthopedic-space-saving

So that you don’t miss anything at work, the designers have developed a series of accessories for The Edge System that will help you have a tidy workplace. They can easily be attached to the edge of the desk and when not in use, simply press them to the surface so that they are no longer in the way.

The knee chair with desk is adjustable and comfortable

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The construction can be set in 200 different positions – you determine the height and angle of the table surface according to your preferences. The surface is so large that you can easily put laptops, notebooks and tablets on it and work quietly.

Two soft pillows for the knees ensure comfort

Knee chair with desk work table-orthopedic-ergonomic-metal

The leather pillows help for the optimal distribution of the weight and soon the back pain will be a thing of the past. The healthy recovery can of course be taken by the kneeling position of the body and the spine is relieved. The result is an increase in blood supply and strengthening of the back muscles.

The Edge knee chair has a stable construction

knee chair-desk-foldable-metal-frame-black-leather-seat

The frame is made of high quality aluminum and the knee rests are padded with thick leather. When folded, the construction is only 15 cm wide and can be stored under most beds.

The foldable knee chair doesn’t take up much space even in the position for work

knee chair-desk-metal frame-black-leather-seat-orthopedic

The orthopedic knee chair with a desk has many advantages

knee chair-desk-space-saving-foldable-metal-leather

Marc Rosenberg, Jeff Jones, Steve and Jeff Rehkemper are the designers of the innovative knee chair


* You can find more information about the project here