Japanese table in a modern style – 13 design inspirations

garden table japanese bamboo wood seat cushion pool

Japanese table In contrast to the dining tables known to us, it is very low, so that you have to sit on the floor. And although the western type of tables is being used more and more frequently in Japan, it is precisely these unusual models that are becoming more and more popular here. This is also the reason why a Japanese table is now very often chosen by designers when planning rooms. Various modern variants are used for this. If you too are drawn to the low Japanese tables and want to furnish your dining or living room in this way, the following gallery will help you. We have put together a few examples that show the charm of a Japanese table. Get inspiration for your own interior!

Japanese table with modern carpet

japanese table carpet upholstery cushion window wood

You can place the table on a soft carpet so that you are comfortable while sitting on the floor. In addition, seat cushions also ensure comfort. This is also a great way to add some color to the dining area as an accent.

Japanese table – high version with benches

japanese table bench wood bonsai room wood

This table comes from a Japanese guest house. As you can see, a Japanese table doesn’t have to be low. Here it is framed by benches that are perfect for sitting on. The dark, elegant wood from which the seating area is made is particularly pretty.

Japanese table can be stowed in the floor

dining table japanese seat cushion floor sink design style

This original idea is especially useful for small apartments where space is limited. The table can be lowered into the floor after use, so that it is no longer visible and makes space for other things and activities. Comfortable seat cushions are also used here for sitting. A Japanese table can therefore also be functional.

Japanese dining table in the living room 

living room dining table lowboard tv japanese floor

This example also has the same principle. A Japanese table of this type makes it possible to use a living room as a dining room at the same time, without the dining table taking up too much space.

Japanese table with an irregular shape

dining table impressive shape wood cushions upholstery modern japanese

A Japanese table doesn’t necessarily have to be a classic rectangular or square shape. As this design proves, an irregular shape is also very attractive and makes the dining table look more modern. Since this table is also very low, cushions are needed again to make sitting comfortable.

Legroom even with a Japanese table

japanese table family dinner bar stool sideboard

This example shows how to combine the Japanese and Western styles for dining tables. The usually high table was set into the floor in such a way that it becomes as low as a Japanese table, while at the same time freeing space for the legs. In this way you sit on cushions again (which gives the whole thing its charm, among other things), but comes very close to the sitting position on chairs.

Multifunctional space thanks to the Japanese table in the floor

japanese table floor embed dining room tv lamp

And again you see a variant in which a Japanese table has been set into the floor so that it can be stowed away if necessary. Get a multifunctional space!

Low, Japanese table in a minimalist style

minimalist interior modern dining table japanese low purple white

Do you love the simple, minimalist style, but still don’t want to go without a Japanese table? Then a Japanese table of this type is just right for you. It offers space for your legs again and you can also stow the seat cushions there after eating. You don’t think it fits in perfectly with a modern interior?

Round table and practical backrests

japanese table round chairs backrest seat cushions kitchen

If you actually find it too uncomfortable to sit on the floor because you lack the comfortable backrest there, there is also a solution. This classic, round table has chairs, although it is low, only that they have no legs. Make yourself comfortable on a pillow and literally lean back. As you can see, a Japanese table does not mean that you have to give up some comfort.

dining table design terrace japanese chairs upholstery tree garden

green furnishings tori tori restaurant tables chairs wood

tori tori restaurant table japanese vertical garden green