Italian furniture from Zanaboni – classic and modern


The Italian furniture company Zanaboni started operations in 1967. The company became popular for its creative and innovative ideas of vintage furniture that suit contemporary lifestyles. The difficult but interesting task became leading the design concept for the company. The striving to bring the classic closer to the modern Zanaboni results Italian furniture in both styles. The two directions in the company’s production are classic and modern. They are both a result of Zanaboni’s high quality work and elegant craftsmanship. They create a different kind of atmosphere at home.

Italian furniture by Zanaboni – classic


First we present Italian furniture from the classic collection. It is an elegant vintage collection that is very valuable with its generous amount of decoration and detail. The collection creates a dramatic environment with a strong classic character and the feel of the space denotes historical times that will come back to life through this great design. But the vintage styles are only half of the excitement this Italian furniture company offers to the modern day customers.

Italian furniture from Zanaboni- modern

Italian-furniture-by-Zanaboni-white-leather-living room-furniture

The other direction of his work, the modern collection, is just as exciting as the classic one. With this collection, Zanaboni wants to reveal a different kind of interior ideas – the one that is based on a minimalist feeling and simple beauty. Italian furniture from the modern collection create a bright and clean atmosphere, but still a remarkable reference to the classic, which is undoubtedly the company’s greatest passion.

completely white


Both of this Italian furniture company’s special collections are the result of hard work and experimentation. Their different characteristics offer greater choice for the modern customer. If you’d like to see classic and modern at their best, take a look at the images below.

By K.H. Christova

Leather armchair


royal armchair in purple


black and white


Velvet upholstery


Velvet chairs


Chaise lounge


Orfeo sofa


silver velvet


classic and royal


beige and gold  Italian-furniture-by-Zanaboni-beige