Italian furniture from MisuraEmme for modern interiors

high gloss living room lighting dynamic MisuraEmme

MisuraEmme is “a great Italian brand”. She is proud of her cultural heritage and her contribution to the redesign of the modern interior. MisuraEmme was founded in 1939 and has been manufacturing since then Italian furniture for modern interior design.

Italian furniture with a simple design

simple design wall unit bright clear lines

MisuraEmme are rightly proud of their “Made in Italy” designs. The classic Italian interior designs have been popular for centuries, but nowadays Italian artists and designers are following the modernist movement. They have embraced the new trends to create new concepts that are more appropriate for the modern, technologically advanced era. The typical MisuraEmme product is simple, elegant and very functional. Your customers enjoy the clear lines and simple appearance of the streamlined, modern interiors by MisuraEmme.

Italian furniture for stylish interior design

Italian furniture MisuraEmme white bookcase white

MisuraEmme a range of shelves, wall units and cupboards that can greatly improve and streamline modern furnishings. That Crossing Shelving system is from Mauro Lipparini designed, and as “a real innovation that refreshes the concept of bookcases.” The construction of the shelf is refined and light. This creates a sense of visual lightness throughout the modern interior. It is also by the same designer Tao Day collection. Tao Day is available in many different shapes, sizes and textures: matte or glossy, lacquered or with a smooth polish.

Bookcase with dynamic construction

Italian furniture MisuraEmme bookcase dynamic furnishing

MisuraEmme also design a range of stylish wardrobes. Italian furniture like this one not only bring a real elegance to the bedroom but also enhance the busy lifestyle. A standout example is the fabulous I-Box, a stunning walk-in closet. The simple wardrobe becomes a luxurious dressing room, fully equipped with all modern conveniences.

Sitin modular sofa with integrated bookcase

modular sofa sitin built-in bookcases MisuraEmme

To complete their holistic interior design, MisuraEmme also produce a wide range of upholstered furniture and accessories for the living room. These have the same properties, simple clear lines, shapes and designs as the shelving and storage systems. So they are fully compatible with the concept of a modern interior design.

Corner sofa in ecru

Italian furniture MisuraEmme corner sofa in ecru wood

The slim “Sitin” sofa is “An exclusive modular sofa.” It’s also clever and contains a stylish bookcase. This combination is an innovation that users are reinventing in their living space. The Sitin sofa consists of a series of smaller modules upholstered with luxurious and comfortable cushions. MisraEmme’s comment on this sofa is – “A real balance between elegance and modernity that makes the sofa suitable for different lifestyles”.

“Crossing” wall unit

crossing wall unit high gloss blue Italian furniture MisuraEmme

Wall unit in cozy brown tones

wall unit wood modern furnishing brown

Upholstered furniture from MisuraEmme

Italian upholstered furniture MisuraEmme corner sofa stove

Shelving system made of light wood

Italian MisuraEmme wall unit shelving system light wood

Modules from the sofa

Italian furniture MisuraEmme modular sofa sitin bookcase

elegant floor lamp

Italian furniture MisuraEmme corner sofa floor lamp side table

Curved headboard bed

Italian furniture MisuraEmme bed made of leather

Wooden frame bed

Italian furniture MisuraEmme bed wooden frame

Retro flair

Bed MisuraEmme retro flair

walk-in closet IBox

ibox walk-in closet Italian furniture MisuraEmme

Glossy wardrobe

glossy wardrobe with sliding doors blue MisuraEmme

round glass dining table

glass table white modern dining room

elegant black dining room furniture

dining room furniture black Italian furniture MisuraEmme