Innovative designer bench absorbs rainwater

water-saving designer bank mars architects trendy

MARS Asia have been commissioned by BMW Guggenheim Lab with an innovative design that will develop the big cities in a different direction. the Designer bench convinces with an innovative concept: it absorbs rainwater through functional cushions. The “water bench” is an adaptable, modular system that has been designed according to the traditional ideas of a Chesterfield sofa. It reflects the special atmosphere of a private living room.

The designer bench impresses with its originality and efficiency

innovative designer water bank mars architects trendy

The untraditional piece of furniture was first presented as a prototype in a series of small details that emphasize multifunctionality and sustainability in urban planning. the Designer bench responds to the emergence of water dependency in urban landscapes. The “water bank” makes parks and public spaces independent of tap water and makes them usable again, especially after the rain. The effective product prevents the effects of floods and droughts. The flexible water management network makes this possible.

Construction of the functional designer bench

innovative designer bench modern water absorbing effective

The pure aesthetic is inspired by the eighteenth century style. The basic material in this project is recycled polyethylene. The surface of the bench has been given an upholstery texture effect. Since the rainwater is stored, the moisture is reduced and the surface remains dry and perfect for comfortable sitting. The Designer Bank is offered with three different storage capacities – 500, 1000 and 1,800 liters. It can also be used for other urban scenarios. Large amounts of natural resources are often used for green spaces. In this case, the bench is well suited for gardens or greenhouses because it can be used as a water tank. It is the best solution for playgrounds and public parks. Mumbai, the most populous city in India, was selected for the innovative product’s test site. The first water banks were installed in two parks after an annual prototype phase. Satisfied citizens say that the functional Designer bench from MARS Asia absorbs the rainwater and embellishes the green areas in the city with elegance.

Innovative seating in rainy weather

designer bench trendy rainwater absorbing mumbai

The designer bench is easy to install

modern designer bank mars architects absorbs water