Inflatable furniture with LED lighting for inside and outside by FUGU

Inflatable furniture LED lighting fugu strand lounge furniture

FUGU is a French company founded in 2011 and environmentally friendly inflatable furniture manufactures. Together with the designer Victor Boëda have this wonderful collection of Furniture with LED lighting for the garden and home designed. They are made from a unique fabric, so they are extremely durable and withstand the weather outside. The collection includes three pieces of furniture – Maki coffee table, Kuki sofa and Fuji armchair. They have a nice round shape and a wonderful new design that can add a modern look to any living area. They are easy to inflate, deflate, compact and easy to carry.

Inflatable furniture from FUGU

Furniture fugu outside inside fabric cover comfort

You can use the whole collection of inflatable furniture in your garden, on the terrace and in your house. Another advantage is that Fugu furniture is environmentally friendly and recyclable. They are also perfect in the pool. Clear lines and generous proportions characterize this innovative furniture.

Inflatable furniture offers comfort both inside and outside

Inflatable furniture LED lighting fugu france

FUGU furniture is both versatile and modern, without having to compromise on comfort. This design series is based on the new trend for mobility. Inflatable furniture like these are certainly a trendsetter in interior design. Enjoy the elegance of this furniture in every corner inside and outside.

Maki coffee table by FUGU

Inflatable coffee table LED lighting maki coffee table fugu

the Maki coffee table with wooden top

inflatable coffee table wooden top fugu material

Coffee table with acrylic top

Inflatable coffee table maki acrylic plate LED lighting

luminous acrylic plate

Inflatable design LED lighting coffee table green

innovative fabric cover

Inflatable furniture design LED lighting durable fabric

Furniture LED lighting fabric durable outside

Furniture sand beach party led lighting  Inflatable furniture LED lighting fugu lounge strand

Furniture fugu design france outdoor furniture

Inflatable furniture series LED lighting acrylic top table

inflatable furniture LED lighting pool terrace

inflatable furniture lighting fugu indoor sofa coffee table

garden furniture lounge FUGU environmentally friendly

Inflatable furniture fugu armchair coffee table acrylic sheet

Inflatable furniture series fugu compact move easily modern

inflatable furniture fugu inside outside armchair table


Elegantly shaped outdoor lounge furniture for your oasis of wellbeing