Ikea catalog 2021: The coolest furnishing trends of the Swedish furniture store at a glance

This year the Ikea catalog is celebrating an anniversary: ​​For the 70th time, the Swedish furniture store is showing its latest pieces of furniture, accessories and lighting. However, nobody receives it in the mail, because the brand has placed great emphasis on sustainability for several years. The catalog can be found online on the Ikea site and in the branches. We give you an overview of the new products and reveal our interior favorites.

Ikea catalog 2021: furniture in dark colors

Ikea catalog 2021 highlights Stocksund sofa and Havsta shelving system

This year, furniture in dark colors will set the tone in the living room. The chests of drawers and shelving systems in anthracite from the Havsta series bring industrial charm into your own four walls. The Stocksund sofa loosens up the living space and, together with the Gamlehut rattan chair, forms an attractive ensemble. The Buskbo armchair also cuts a fine figure in the Ikea living room. It is made of hand-woven rattan and gives the interior a touch of eclecticism.

Ikea catalog 2021: home accessories with a boho look

Ikea Catalog 2021 Highlights Mirror Hindas

The Hindas mirror can effectively complete the modern living concept from Ikea. The mirror has an oval shape and a frame made of bamboo. With its untreated wooden frame, the mirror is trendy. Because this year Ikea is focusing on sustainable designs that save resources.

Ikea catalog 2021: opposites attract

Ikea catalog living room highlights and furnishing idea Härlanda sofa

In the Ikea catalog 2021 opposites attract. The Kägsta coffee table fascinates with a modern look and a clear design language and the Härlanda sofa in brick red brings French country house chic into the interior. The right lighting brings out the interior even better: the minimalist floor lamp from the Aröd series and the classic chandelier from the Äppelviken series are surprisingly good lighting partners.

Ikea catalog 2021: modernize the kitchen cheaply

Ikea catalog for year 2021 modernize kitchen just replace fronts Tutemo shelf

The “Tutemo” shelving system also proves that Ikea has become the epitome of inexpensive and stylish modernization. It offers a cheap and stylish solution for the kitchen. The mix and match of light shelves, black base units and work surfaces made of sustainable wood blends harmoniously into any interior. So everyone can put together their dream kitchen individually and retrofit it later.

Ikea catalog 2021: bamboo as a sustainable material

Ikea catalog highlights 2021 dining room furnishing dark Skogsta dining table and Knixhult cantilever umbrella made of bamboo

Sustainability is the focus of the new Ikea collection. So it’s no wonder that the new “Knixhult” cantilever umbrella is made from leftover bamboo. Every cantilever parasol gets a unique look and attracts everyone’s attention with its wickerwork. The effective lighting can be paired with the “Skogsta” dining table and the “Yngvar” chair.

Ikea catalog 2021: neutral color palette

Ikea catalog novelties Frihetta sofa bed for three people

Stylish interior for little money? Ikea shows how to do this in its new catalog. A neutral color palette skilfully conceals signs of use and leaves enough space for effective decorations. Furniture in neutral colors, such as the Frihetta sofa bed, can always be redesigned with decorative pillows and textiles. Incidentally, the three-seater offers not only seating, but also lounging space. The living room or the cabinet can be transformed into a guest room in no time at all.

Lampshades with a sculptural look

Nävlinge lampshades from the new Ikea catalog 2021 in the white living room

If the interior is kept simple, lampshades add character. The lampshades from the Nävlinge series can be grouped in groups of two or three and form charming, puristic ensembles above the Kragsta coffee table. The Sandared stools, which inspire with a natural look, help so that the white living room does not appear too sterile and cool.

Space-saving dining tables in Scandinavian style

Ikea catalog 2021 Voxvlöt dining table in Scandinavian style

Space-saving dining tables offer just as much space as the family needs. For example, the new Voxlöv dining table made of bamboo, which offers enough seating for 6 people, is pure Scandinavian. The pull-out alternative turns out to be a cool update. The Rönninge table scores with an extension mechanism so that up to eight people can sit comfortably on it. So nothing stands in the way of cozy evenings with friends.

Classic with a modern twist for the bedroom

Of course, IKEA live new catalog TUFJORD bed

The new Tufjord bed, which will be available in stores from October, is classically beautiful and yet modern. With its upholstered bed frame and headboard, the green bed exudes sophistication and cosiness and blends in harmoniously with furnishings in a modern country house style.

More storage space in the bedroom thanks to the new Boaxel system

Ikea catalog 2021 novelties Boaxel storage system for bedrooms

The new Boaxel organization system saves space and offers a certain degree of flexibility in terms of design. It is the perfect storage space concept for families with small children and for tenants. Because this clever storage space system goes along with every room change and can be put together according to your own needs and spatial conditions. Boaxel consists of 4 parts and is made of sheet metal.

Furniture with clear lines and shapes

Ikea catalog 2021 novelties Lisabo armchair made of wood in classic style

Scandinavian chic: this is how the chairs and dining table in the Lisabo collection can be described. Made with the ulterior motive of the comfort of the whole family, the dining table offers enough space for extensive dinners as well as for fun table games. The chairs are stable and made of solid wood. All pieces of furniture have slightly rounded edges and are perfect for families with small children.

Kungsfors kitchen system for the hobby cook

Ikea catalog 2021 kitchen with Kungsfors openem shelving system

The “Kungsfors” kitchen system, in combination with new kitchen appliances from the “Adrätt” and “Särdrag” series, as well as the “Vårsta” drawers made of stainless steel, form a modern arrangement for the cooking area. Thanks to the Kungsfors shelves, amateur cooks have everything to hand. The design skilfully combines elements from the country house style with those from the modern industrial look. The end result is impressive.

New tableware set for festive occasions and everyday life

Ikea catalog 2021 highlights Gladelig tableware collection

Gone are the days when we used one tableware set for everyday wear and another for special occasions. With the “Gladelig” series, Ikea brings a set that can be used for everyday and festive purposes. The plates, cups and bowls fascinate with a porcelain stoneware look and a deceptively real craftsmanship. It’s hard to believe that this is mass production and not a vintage heirloom. At the same time, thanks to their neutral gray color, the tableware items can always be redesigned.

The classic gets a new look

Ikea catalog 2021 Ivar shelving system in an industrial look

The “Ivar” shelving system has long been considered a true classic and is very popular among fans of the brand. Now it is getting a new look and shows itself with its lattice doors in a minimalist-industrial style. The doors of the closet were made using a new manufacturing method. With this method, waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

Fröset armchair: New production method minimizes the use of materials

Froset armchair made of wood with a modern design

The “Fröset” armchair fascinates lovers of the Scandinavian living style not only with its minimalist design, but also with its clever concept. Because the armchair was manufactured using a new manufacturing process in which material losses could be kept to a minimum. In this way, the Swedish manufacturer has succeeded in lowering production costs and keeping the impact on the environment low.

Froset wooden armchair from the new Ikea catalog

The armchair has the simple shape typical of Ikea and is available in three colors, natural oak wood look, red and black. It can be combined with practically all tables.

The Enhet kitchen system: a varied kitchen program for rented apartments

Pure nature Enhet kitchen in oak wood look

The new Enhet modular kitchen is a versatile kitchen range for small rooms and rental apartments. It can be put together quickly and easily and offers the perfect space solution for everyone who wants more flexibility in everyday life.

Ikea Highlights 2021 Enhet kitchen storage system in red for a retro look

Part of the kitchen range are the Enhet shelving systems, where crockery, cutlery, microwave or spices can be stored decoratively. The shelves are available in white, red and black. By the way, they are also ideal for use in wet areas.

Ikea Catalog 2021 Highlights Enhet modular storage system for bathroom and kitchen

Such as the bathroom, for example – the shelf frames in the series can also be retrofitted with castors and pushed back and forth.

Home accessories for more character

Ikea new items catalog 2021 ideas Lättsäld

The Lättsåld vases are much more than just vases, because they can also be used as a milk jug or carafe. Available in two sizes and decorated with cute penguin drawings, the vases look beautiful both as soloists and in groups.