Ikea Besta Regal – 25 ideas with the storage system


Ikea Besta shelf is perhaps the practical storage system from the Swedish furniture manufacturer, which is particularly famous for its clever solutions for every area of ​​the house. Ikea pays a lot of attention to the smart storage and organization of accessories and things in the home, and not without reason. The largest proportion of people live in large cities, where one should live in less square meters.

3 DIY projects with picture instructions

ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-white-vintage-wooden panel-outside-white-cabinet fronts

With this functional storage system, everything in the living room, and not only, can be organized in a practical and stylish way. Smaller versions of the smart modules can be transformed into great sideboards or chests of drawers for the hallway and even for the bedroom. The wide range of cabinet fronts – from black and white, wood optics and pastel colors, to showcases or open shelves – makes Besta suitable for every area, in every living room. The easy one Storage planner from Ikea offers the option to design and plan the modules online according to your own needs.

Ikea Besta shelf in vintage style – Tv console with sides made of wood


The sleek, simple design of Besta makes it easy to combine with other already existing pieces of furniture and also to spice up or redesign with no great effort. Which of the best DIY projects with this multifaceted furniture can be found in the photo gallery. We also offer some simple, beautiful living ideas for using the shelf in the various areas of the apartment.

Ikea Besta shelf with a chic surface made of natural wood

ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-surface-wood-optics-of course

Instead of mounting the shelf cabinet on the wall, these hobby craftsmen have opted for wooden feet with a vintage flair. First the shelf unit was assembled. Then the surface was smoothed lightly with the sandpaper. The dark wood glaze was applied with a sponge brush. Then the surface is wiped with a rag. Three coats guarantee the best results. With this technique it is important to adhere to the instructions for use and the drying times. So your Besta shelf gets a really nice retro look.

Spice up the Ikea Besta shelf – sand and glaze the wooden panels


* a DIY project by Jamie Bartlett Design

Ikea Besta shelf in the style of the 50s – cabinet doors in wood look with zigzag pattern

ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-vintage-spice up-white-wood-fronts-decorate

Furniture that looks boring is given a whole new look thanks to fresh, modern patterns. With a little paint and a stencil, this optical makeover is easy. The stencil is glued to the fronts with spray glue or adhesive tape, and the paint comes over it. As soon as the paint has dried, the stencil must be peeled off again. To give the furniture a romantic touch, you can use cake toppers or stencils with floral motifs. Geometric motifs like zigzag patterns work well with modern designs.

Design the Besta shelf individually – assemble and fix modules, assemble and glaze wooden fronts


* You can find the full DIY instructions here 

Anyone who attaches particular importance to the design of their new shelving unit should get an overview of the many different types of furniture legs. Because shape, length and material have a decisive influence on the appearance of the furniture. In this project, for example, the so-called hairpin legs were used. The thin furniture feet are made of metal and are reminiscent of hairpins.

Model in black with gold-plated elements 


In addition to the furniture feet, handles and knobs can also play a decisive role in the overall appearance. These elements can be used to set effective accents. Colorful buttons can also bring some color into play.

Useful additional elements 


Black design decorated with gold

ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-black-feet-cabinet-handles-gold-spice it up

Spice up the old shelf in a chic way


* a DIY project by Suheiry

21 more inspirations and design ideas with Ikea Besta shelf 

ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-living-wall-tv-console-wall-color-blue-living room-pictures

Design the room differently with the same storage system

ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-white-tv-console-tv-flat screen-modern-simple

Arrange the Besta shelf with blue cabinet fronts in a whole living wall composition


Decorate in a Scandinavian and minimalist way 


Storage system for every living environment 


Combine with other furniture according to taste

ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-white-wood-look-dark-tv-kosole-wall unit-floor level

ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-vintage-holy fronts-wooden floor-wall-paint-black-white

ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-sideboard-chest of drawers-wood-white-modern-wall-paint-brown







ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-modern-deco-blue-white-modules-wall cladding-laminate


ikea-besta-shelf-storage-system-house-bar-white-door-fronts-light blue

Ikea Besta shelf-storage-system-vintage-tv-console-carpet-pattern-plants

Ikea Besta shelf - storage system - tv - wall - tv - Konsole - hovhglanz - red - raspberry color

Ikea Besta shelf-storage system-tv-kosole-white-wall shelf-modern-minimalist-tv