Ideas for the apartment – a new life for old furniture


Are you longing for a breath of fresh air for your home? Fancy new ideas for the apartment? We have the best proposal for you – instead of buying new home accessories or furniture, you can quickly and easily spice up old furnishings. For one thing, you get creative, and for another, you save a lot of money. Used furniture, which often seems uninteresting, can be transformed into stylish works of art in a few simple steps and with an individual coat of paint. We will show you how inconspicuous chests of drawers, bookshelves, chairs and tables can be set in scene quickly, easily and effectively.

Ideas for the home – used furniture is given a unique touch


Almost everyone has used furniture as a legacy. However, if you don’t have any and want to be economical, you will also find the perfect equipment at flea markets and in second-hand department stores, which can be redesigned as desired with dabs, zigzag patterns or thin stripes, for example. As a rule, it works as follows: once the decision has been made for a certain pattern shape, you should draw the basic lines thinly, then draw the pattern on it. Then stick the pencil mark (where it is not to be painted later) with adhesive tape – this prevents the paint from running. Now the paint is used – with the help of a brush or a narrow paint roller, you can paint the open spaces with acrylic varnish. After the paint has dried well, the tape is carefully peeled off.

Ideas for the apartment: get creative and save money


Classic meets modern with these upgraded pieces of furniture. For a special ambience with a certain childish charm, you can wallpaper the rear wall or outer wall of a piece of furniture. To do this, choose a patterned non-woven wallpaper and apply the adhesive evenly with a roller, put in the wallpaper and press it on with a wallpaper brush or a rubber roller without bubbles. So that the furniture adapts perfectly to your room concept, wallpaper the back wall with the same wallpaper as your walls.

Spice up old-furniture-ethno-ornaments-chest of drawers-hallway-design-ideas

A new look for old furniture


Vintage look with geometric patterns


Chest of drawers with differently sized colored surfaces


Spiced up chest of drawers brings a breath of fresh air


Retro design redesigned

classic-chair-design-colorful-painted-chair-frame-upholstered-seat cover

Paint vintage chairs in bright colors


Paper drawer fronts

furniture-upcycling-sustainable-old-chest of drawers-new-wallpapering-non-woven wallpapers

Nice look and texture

sideboard-wooden-sliding-doors-color-foil-sticking-old-furniture-spice up

Sideboard with pep

creative-ideas-flat-old-furniture-spice-up-non-woven-wallpaper-stick on

Shelf in a mix of styles

children's room-closet-chest of drawers-wallpapered-front-childlike-animal-motifs

Ideas for the apartment: create a mood with color

spice up vintage-furniture-funny-faces-paint-grip-ball-eyes

A chest of drawers gets a new look

wallpaper-wallpaper-bookshelf-diy-old-furniture-spice up

Newly designed back walls with wallpaper

Eclectic-living room-furniture-armchairs-new-fabric-cover-colorful-ethno-style



spice up old-furniture-bedside-table-drawers-fronts-swab-patterns