Hosu ​​Design lounge chair – comfortable for relaxing and working

hosu design armchair yellow fold-out stool relax

We often work from home or we also want to feel comfortable at work. Coalesse helps this crossover, in which apartments and offices, conference and social rooms, private and public spaces almost merge into one another. Of the Hosu ​​Design lounge chair promotes relaxed posture, regardless of whether you have business to do or just want to relax.

Hosu ​​Design lounge chair for relaxing and working

Coalesse Hosu design lounge chair work, relax, fold out the stool

This armchair was designed by Patricia Urquiola for Coalesse. It can also be transformed into a chaise lounge in one simple movement. You can put your feet up and relax while you work. Comfortable pockets on the sides offer enough storage space for papers, tablets, laptops or your favorite book. The cable duct preserves the clean look of the piece of furniture. This work lounge chair is suitable for private apartments as well as for creative office facilities where you want to create a relaxed working environment.

Hosu ​​Design lounge chair for creative business environments

design lounge chairs public areas new working environment

Of the Hosu ​​Design lounge chair is available in two versions – one-seater and two-seater sofa. However, the two-seater cannot be folded out. The upholstery is also unique and developed exclusively by Patricia Urquiola. It is offered in six colors. For a less casual look, you can also choose leather upholstery. The price for this beautiful piece of furniture starts from $ 2000.

fold-out single seater

hosu design patricia urquiola modern lounge chair

put your feet up and relax

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relaxed posture

hosu lounge chair single-seater sofa fold-out yellow

Bags and cable entry

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non-fold-out option

hosu single seater armchair Coalesse work comfortably at home

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design lounge chair one-seater two-seater sofa cannot be folded out

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Coalesse Hosu lounge chair yellow upholstery modern design fireplace

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Hosu ​​armchair Patricia Urquiola Coalesse manufacturer of leather upholstery