Hanging ceiling shelf for the kitchen or living room – furnish your apartment stylishly with a hanging shelf from the ceiling

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A hanging ceiling shelf has great potential in many different cases, environments and decors. This is a preferred choice for rooms such as the kitchen, pantry, laundry room, but also social areas such as the living room or dining area. Wall shelves are part of many large redesigns and can easily be treated as a DIY project. Having a hanging shelf from the ceiling is a great way to add style to a room without taking up space. This variant can also be combined very well with desks or other furniture.

Hanging ceiling shelf ideas

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Use a hanging ceiling shelf, for example, in the upper part of a wall and place it over a kitchen island as practical storage space for your kitchen utensils. The kitchen island itself could also be equipped with such a shelf. Consider this combination as inspiration for your next kitchen redesign.

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Desks and shelves can be combined in many other ways just as well. Such a design is very versatile, and it could actually be a do-it-yourself project. The process can be very easy. Spray on the rails and brackets and attach them to the wall. Then you can simply mount a shelf hanging from the ceiling. This allows you to create great configurations that you can use in any living area. You can build two of these and place them symmetrically in the living room on either side of a fireplace or window. To build the units, you will need rails, brackets, some pieces of wood for the shelves, and some wood stain.

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Use pipes or recycled panels to build a hanging ceiling shelf with an integrated desk for an industrial look. You will also need some connectors. Measure and mark where you want to attach the pipes to the wall and create the frame for the piece of furniture. You can use tape to get an idea of ​​what the entire unit would look like on the wall.

Choosing the right design

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Another strategy is to mount several individual hanging shelves on a wall. You can customize the way it looks by choosing a specific color for the wood stain or a specific type of brackets. The design has a nice rustic flair that you can tastefully adapt to the rest of your interior. As you can already see, a hanging ceiling shelf is extremely versatile.

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This is a wonderful solution when you need an exhibition space for ornaments, decorations, but also books and other things. To build such a piece you will need wooden boards, hooks, link chains, or steel cables. If you prefer a minimalist and compact design that fits a modern interior, take a look at the examples listed. These cute triangular shelves are ideal for displaying plants, books and other design elements. You can combine several of them to create interesting geometric representations.

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So, these types of shelves are one of the best, and probably the easiest, ways to create additional storage space in your home. A hanging ceiling shelf is mainly used in kitchens because it fits perfectly in this area. Many people think that hanging shelves are not decorative and stylish enough to visually appeal to the interior. This assumption can, however, be viewed differently with some nice and practical suggestions.

Design hanging shelves with glass or metal

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Hanging shelves are usually made of wood. But glass can also be a great option and if you position it close to a window it will look even better. The only downside is that glass is harder to clean and more fragile. Minimalism is often the approach to shelving. Especially if you use a hanging ceiling shelf in a modern interior. In this case, there is no need to over-decorate. All you need is a design element that blends in with the design.

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While wall shelves are standard in many homes, hanging a shelf from the ceiling adds flair to your space while also serving as a convenient place to store your belongings. A modular shelving system on the ceiling also works well for homeowners faced with fragile or overcrowded walls, or for those who simply want to hang a shelf over a kitchen island or other central element. Before investing in a piece of furniture like this, consider the creative materials and methods you can use to hang your shelf from the ceiling in style.

Floating hanging shelf with rope

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Give your hanging shelf a nautical look with a rope. Choose between a single thick rope or several thin ropes in natural or colored designs. Climbing ropes are also an original and unusual alternative for hanging a shelf using this technique. To mount your swinging shelves, drill a pair of widely spaced holes through the shelf at each end. Run a rope through each hole and tie a tight knot under the bottom of the compartment, or pull a single rope through each pair of holes and secure the rope to you with a non-slip knot.

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The idea is to hang the shelf like a rustic swing to prevent it from tipping over. Hang the ropes on eye hooks or other objects attached to a ceiling joist. You can also join multiple shelves together to create a ladder effect using this technique by putting a knot in the rope under each shelf. Those who live in earthquake-prone areas may consider extending the ropes on these shelves to the floor for added stability. Tie the end of the rope to an eye bolt attached to the floor and avoid placing heavy or fragile objects on the shelf to avoid injury or damage during an earthquake.

Modern hanging shelf with chain link

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Hanging shelves don’t always need wooden supports. In some cases there is not enough space underneath. In other cases, you may first design a different type of shelf and choose to hang it on a chain. You can put small plants, pictures, souvenirs, keepsakes, or other light display items on a hanging shelf. However, only place suitable objects on the shelf, as it has limited stability. It is best to keep the weight to a minimum.

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Shelves hung from the ceiling with chains can appear industrial or filigree, depending on the type of chain used. Choose thick, sturdy chains for hanging heavy shelves, colored or brass chains for smaller shelves and a refined look. If you plan to use heavy shelves and chains, attach eye bolts to the ceiling joists that will support the weight.

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Otherwise, simple eye hooks may be sufficient. Add a second set of eye hooks to secure the chain to the top of the shelf and complete the installation. As with rope-supported shelving, chain-hung shelving can sway during an earthquake. An eyebolt also connects the chain to the ground to increase stability.

Industrial steel with thread

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Electricians use threaded rods of various sizes to support lights and other electrical devices. Get a piece of this threaded rod from the electrical department of a hardware store and use it to hang a shelf from the ceiling. These rods add a modern, industrial feel to your space and can be used to hang many different types of shelves. Adjust the thickness of the rod to accommodate the weight of the shelves, and use appropriate parts to attach the rods to both the ceiling and the shelf. For heavy shelves, use tie bolts to connect the poles to the ceiling joists.

Storage system for hanging

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High-quality shelves that can be hung from the ceiling also offer valuable storage space in your garage or basement. Hanging the shelves instead of using racks also helps protect items from flooding while leaving the floor free for other uses. The easiest way to hang a storage compartment is to pick up a trapezoidal system designed to hold heavy shelves. These systems are attached to the ceiling joists with heavy eye bolts and then form a trapezoid under the shelf to support the weight. To create your own hanging storage system, you can attach a pair of square timbers perpendicular to your ceiling joists. Then install squared timber hanging vertically at each end from the ceiling.

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Use standard corner shelves to securely join the two sets of wood. Add the threaded rod horizontally to the bottom of the vertical squared timbers. Then slide a piece of PVC pipe over the pole. Add a sturdy board over the PVC surface for easy shelving storage. Be aware that heavy or fragile items stored on these types of shelves could fall during an earthquake or other construction work.

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Try to build this installation only in areas that are far away from the driveway. This could be in a corner of the garage, for example. Also, consider using a hanging ceiling shelf only for light items to avoid damage or injury.