Handmade Italian furniture with a shiny design

Dining room furniture Smania chandelier

We present you handmade Italian furniture, whose design and exquisite quality will really inspire you. Smania has been producing your fine hand-made works of art for over thirty years, and has now established itself on the international market as a company that works in a highly professional manner using traditional production techniques. Their secret lies in the special techniques that are used during the production process and the great attention paid to details.

Handmade Italian furniture for a noble ambience

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The Smania employees have to successfully complete years of training so that they can manufacture the high-quality pieces of furniture. Handmade Italian furniture require skill, energy and a lot of love. In this way they learn how to work and cut wood, how to follow the designer’s instructions and, with a lot of patience, create the embellishments for these real works of art step by step. Thanks to their precise work, the company has become famous around the world for its unique items. They are not only beautiful, but also extremely durable – every detail has been carefully crafted so that the overall concept looks refined and noble. This furniture can accompany you for life and always surprise you. Thanks to their timeless elegance, they will never go out of style.

Handmade Italian furniture – elegant color schemes


The style of Smania can be described as a modern interpretation of the classic furniture, where the designers strive for perfection and create a luxurious ambience. High quality materials such as native tree species, exotic upholstery and noble textures are carefully selected for the production, so that the massive hand-made furniture is reminiscent of a bygone era with its rich ornaments. The color schemes are simple – black and white and beige and brown define the collection. They can be combined particularly well with subtle lighting. Italian furniture are known for creating an authentic atmosphere and skillfully combining tradition with modernity. Such unique and fine projects deserve our applause with their tasteful, stylish and original design ideas.

By K.H. Christova

Black wall unit with TV cabinet

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Modern interior in the office

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Luxurious classic wall unit

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Elegant Italian patio furniture

elegant Italian patio furniture