Handmade designer furniture from Essey – the illusion table

elegant coffee table acrylic furniture

We present you with an excellent example of handmade designer furniture – the illusion table. It is a project by Essey, the company whose concepts can be interpreted through metaphors and symbolism to provoke the human subconscious and improve human judgment. Every product has its own identity and does not need an explanation. Essay has written the history of contemporary design and describes the design evolution.

Handmade designer furniture – a combination of functionality and form

Acrylic table living room illusion

In the world of design, the form and function of a product are very rarely, almost never, related to one another. The following often happens to us: certain handmade designer furniture to look at and to wonder internally what it should be and what it is used for. The world of design is not in harmony with nature. According to Essey, it would be good if that were brought back into balance. The function must correspond to the natural forms.

Handmade designer furniture – concept and execution

Acrylic furniture table illusion

Essey designer John Brauer talked about his idea for handmade designer furniture- the invisible table. Once when he was walking past a cafe with white-covered round tables in Copenhagen, the idea occurred to him. Each tablecloth was square and hung almost to the floor. This inspired Brauer to create his design. The designer took photos of the tables and took the photos to the plastic items store. Unfortunately, he was told that they couldn’t make such a plastic table there.

The illusion table – the modern work of art

Acrylic table-John-Brayer-modern-design

Nevertheless, he did not give up and developed the idea further over the course of many months. Finally the invisible illusion table was finished – beautiful, simple and functional. In Italy the invisible table was chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful objects and will be kept in a special park as a cultural heritage for the next 100 years. Handmade designer furniture from Essey attract attention with their innovative designs.

Expressive acrylic table – a trendy piece of furniture