Hammock with frame for the terrace in bohemian style

Synthetic leather made ropes comfortable body position wooden frame

the Hammock with stand from Bohorockers is the perfect addition to the terrace or the bohemian-style living room. Hand-woven, made with great attention to detail, the piece of furniture not only scores with a modern look but also offers the highest level of body comfort – which is of course very important for a hammock.

Hammock with frame offers the highest level of body comfort

Make the frame yourself balcony rocking chair

The unique shape of the Hammock with stand by Bohorockers is actually a very well thought-out concept – ropes of different lengths create a cozy nest where you can relax after a long day at work. 12 built-in seat cushions ensure that you can lie down comfortably – in contrast to the usual designs, the legs and feet are not higher than the body and therefore back problems are avoided. Numerous variants are offered – the frame can be assembled and dismantled, you can turn or rock. The hammocks are made of waterproof and extremely durable materials / such as cotton / – and if you want to bring a touch of luxury into your own four walls, you can opt for the imitation leather version.

Hammock with frame inspired by classic Mexican design

Hammock with frame body comfort bohemian furnishing ideas

The designer Philip Cooper is on the idea of Hammock with stand Siesta came when he was looking for an alternative to the classic Mexican design from Hamaca net. He wanted / who doesn’t want to! / Work on his laptop while he’s lying in the hammock. Unfortunately, his search was in vain – and it is well known that necessity is inventive. That is why the designer, who himself had a certain sewing experience, designed and finished the hammock Siesta. According to the motto – sitting makes you happy! We just agree.

Comfortable seating area on the balcony – Siesta is not only offered as a hammock, but also as a rocking chair

Wood frame terrace balcony furniture summer outside

Hammock with a solid wood frame – the piece of furniture is perfect for the terrace or the garden

Lying comfortably back right hold wooden frame

For inside and outside – the Siesta hammock promises comfort for the back and legs

Cotton wood frame natural materials waterproof inside outside

The model is made of cotton and synthetic leather

Faux leather hammock wooden frame living room conservatory

The many ropes hold the body

Ropes comfortable body position backrest legs

For real bohemians

pink color wood frame extremely durable weatherproof

Or for fans of the classic living style

Leather wood frame ropes hold back position

In the garden

white cotton ropes legs feet keep back straight

Or in the tent

comfortable ergonomic construction tents

Fire pit colorful twine living bohemian style

Frame cotton tent comfortable camping vacation