Gorgeous modern patio furniture for relaxing outdoors

Bilù dining table Maratea stool

The good news is that the Italian design studio “Dolcefarniente” is also super stylish modern patio furniture manufactures. These creative furniture designs will add a luxurious touch to your patio area, balcony or garden. Just as tasteful and luxurious as the furniture for indoor use, the outdoor furniture has been adapted to withstand the weather conditions. To be honest, most of this furniture would look great indoors too.

Modern patio furniture characterized by adventurous designs

Bilou outdoor plexiglass table

“Dolcefarniente” became even more adventurous when creating their exciting ones, modern patio furniture. Furniture styles are perhaps simple, but clearly modernist, and ensure their attractive combination of form and function. Obviously, the brand specializes in rattan furniture in its portfolio, but there are some examples that break away from this. For example the Bilu Dining tables are purely sculptural, with a simple construction of curved metal topped with transparent plexiglass. The curved shapes of these tables were inspired by the Japanese art of origami and appear fragile, but in reality they are very sturdy and well suited for outdoor living. In contrast, the woven one Calla table  is purely traditional, reminiscent of a style that has been popular since the 19th century. Alternatively, the chair Calla Steel is made of waterproof metal. The design resembles an open flower. While this is a dramatically modern design, it brings an attractive youthful simplicity to it. In contrast to the indoor furniture, this collection includes luxurious and elegant sun loungers and recliners. Just one of these unique pieces of furniture on your balcony would both look fabulous and provide the perfect place to put your feet up and relax.

Flexible and versatile modern patio furniture

calla-steel-collection-Dolcefarniente-modern-patio furniture

Palinuro is an example of the versatility of the modern patio furniture of “Dolcefarniente”. This is a highly functional table, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in a variety of styles and material combinations, this beautiful table can be customized to suit any interior. Like the rest of the modern patio furniture, this table is surprisingly weatherproof. Another excellent flexible design is the playful and robust Maratea Collection of woven chairs and sofas. These are available in a variety of attractive colors. The style bucket seat is an updated design classic. It’s simple but elegant and would fit in an infinite range of settings. All the “Dolcefarniente” outdoor furniture is varied, items from one collection can be combined well with furniture from another. This opens up the possibilities for endless satisfying combinations and the opportunity to personalize unique outdoor areas.

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Moofushi lounge bed


Moofushi lounge bed modern patio furniture

Moofushi-lounge-bed-modern-patio furniture

Athuruga sun beds


Ischia rattan sun loungers



Lampedusa sun lounger with canopy  lampedusa sun lounger canopy


modern patio furniture

Bahia sofa modern outdoor furniture

Maratea Ottoman by Dolcefarniente


modular-modern-patio-furniture-dolcefarniente Bahia-modular-sofa-modern-patio-furniture