Glass dining table “Too Much” made of banknotes – art or exaggeration

Glass dining table cube flame

At first glance, it looks stunning Glass dining table a brief confusion. Generic name “Too Much?” Given by Atelier Amarist and the artist Alejandro Monge, the dining table combines contemporary art and design. The sculptural glass dining table consists of a glass cube that is filled with banknotes, some of which have been sprayed with biofuel and burn glowing on the surface.

Glass dining table “Too Much”


Of the Glass dining table “Too Much” – is it really too much art or just an arrangement of paper notes in a glass cube? While the artist stained and glued every single banknote, every complex detail was carefully thought out. He also stated that it has been quite difficult to completely simulate the effect of burning the bills without involving all of the paper.

Glass dining table – a sculpture made of banknotes

Fuel-biofuel 50-euro banknotes

This furniture causes profound reflection on the value of money, time and humanity. “A note is a colored piece of paper with a certain number on it, 10, 20, 50 dollars, zens, euros. A number against which we get something material and which itself has no other value, outside of the working framework and the exchange of goods and services, ”says Monge. Of the Glass dining table is effective and an original piece of art on the stairs of human development.

Contemporary art or abundance


Paper and flame


The process of burning down


Do the banknotes have any value today??


The thought behind it

The artist's hand when-painting-banknotes

Work steps in the studio

The-Atelier-stainless steel plate-paper-note-arrangement

The making of the cube

Protective mask-fuel-spray-paper-notes

Precision is in demand


A dining table with meaning