Glass coffee table for pure elegance in your living room

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Of the Glass coffee table is a classic among living room furniture. Today’s models made of geometric or round, organic shapes provide more freshness and modernity and are a great accent. Due to the transparent material, the glass coffee tables are not too noticeable, which makes the living room appear more spacious. Glass coffee tables don’t just look elegant and modern. Just like the models made of other materials, they can be practical and offer additional storage space in which you can store, for example, a magazine or a book. But here, order is the order of the day, because everything that is in a glass coffee table is clearly visible!

Coffee table made of glass in various designs

oval coffee table pyramid design

The look of these coffee tables is not limited to colorless transparency. But on the contrary! There are innumerable models made of colored glass. The whole glass coffee table can be kept in one color or combinations of several colors can be chosen, which can wonderfully spice up the space. There are impressive variants in which different colors are used for the table leg. The color black is also very popular. It is reminiscent of highly polished wood, but looks even more elegant in the form of colored glass.

Glass coffee table and the preferred geometric shape


Do you like a simple and round coffee table made of glass or do you prefer angular, geometric shapes for the design? Variants with rounded edges are also available and these are ideal for modern furnishings in a minimalist style. The table legs can also be made of glass. There are no longer any limits to the design.

The table legs made of driftwood and metal

Driftwood glass top coffee table

Do you find a coffee table made entirely of glass to be too much of a good thing? Then you can choose a model in which only the table top is made of glass. There are various variants of wood, metal, rattan and more for the table legs and supports. A glass coffee table with driftwood as a support is particularly effective because it almost resembles a work of art. But effective table legs can also be made of metal, which represent a wide variety of figures. In this way, the coffee table, which is already luxurious thanks to the glass top, looks even more elegant.

Individual coffee tables with little storage space


If you prefer a unique model for the glass coffee table that no one else owns, you can also have it specially made. The advantage here is that you can adjust the size of the coffee table perfectly to the available space in the living room. You can also decide for yourself whether the table should have additional compartments for stowing. You can combine several models that made a great impression on you when you were looking for the perfect coffee table to create an individual glass coffee table. Let all your ideas regarding the shape, the materials, the storage space and the colors put together into an unforgettable and unique model.

Choosing a coffee table as a real experience


With so many options, the easy-sounding task of finding a suitable glass coffee table turns into a complicated experience. But we would like to help you by giving you an insight into the world of glass coffee tables. In this article we show you some really impressive, modern models that will transform your living room into an oasis of wellbeing. When choosing, make sure that the shape and color of the glass coffee table also match the rest of the interior. Ultimately, however, you can be sure that they are an investment that is guaranteed to pay off! Whichever model you choose, the result is incredible elegance.

Steel, wood and glass






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Coffee table-with-space-for-stool-to-stow away

Coffee table-with-glass-top-and-wood-frame

Tree trunk and glass top coffee table