Garden furniture made of polyrattan for a tropical flair in the garden

Garden-veranda-furniture-made of polyrattan

Polyrattan is a plastic that is supposed to imitate rattan, which is made from the so-called rattan palm. Since the short term “rattan furniture” is just as often used for the artificial variant, misunderstandings may arise. The fact is, however, that it is just as flexible and elastic as real rattan, but has some advantages over it. It’s much more resilient that way. It is weatherproof and also UV-resistant, so that the Garden furniture made of polyrattan be able to stand outdoors without any problems. The same applies to the frame of the furniture, which is made of stainless aluminum. This also guarantees a light weight. Accordingly, garden furniture made of polyrattan can be moved or stowed away if necessary and without much force.

Garden furniture made of polyrattan – easy-care and robust


Another advantage is that this type of garden furniture does not take a long time to look after. No special polishes or cleaning agents are required. Simple soapy water and a water hose to rinse off will do just fine. In order to additionally protect the garden furniture made of polyrattan in the rain and snow, protective hoods are available with which they can be covered.

Spice up garden furniture made of polyrattan with decor


You can also spice up the polyrattan garden furniture with seat cushions. The furniture is cozy in itself, but the right upholstery offers real comfort. These can be chosen in different colors so that they match the style of your terrace or balcony. When choosing the cushions for the polyrattan garden furniture, make sure that they are intended for outdoor use and can withstand the various weather conditions.

A great variety of garden furniture


In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it should be mentioned that the difference between garden furniture made of polyrattan and real rattan is hardly noticeable. There are great models on offer, as well as entire sets consisting of a table with chairs, stools or sofas, as well as coffee tables, outdoor beds and loungers. So if you have decided to furnish your terrace, garden or balcony with such garden furniture, you have a large selection at your disposal, which is also varied in terms of colors. In this article we would like to introduce you to some examples of garden furniture made of polyrattan, which will create a really great atmosphere in your outdoor area. Create a tropical flair with the modern garden furniture and enjoy every free minute in your garden.

Modern and beautiful designs of the garden furniture


There is something for every taste

Sitting area-garden-furniture-made-of-polyrattan-with-seat cushions


Sofa-and-armchairs made of polyrattan-and-throw pillows


Spice it up with throw pillows and upholstery

Lounger made of polyrattan in green

individual-choices-made of polyrattan