Garden furniture made of polyrattan – also a design focus in 2015


When spring comes, we want to quickly make our outdoor spaces homely, because we only really feel good in the fresh air. In order to conjure up the desired atmosphere on the balcony, terrace or in the garden, we also have to find the right furniture that not only corresponds to our lifestyle, but also meets our high quality and functionality requirements. So it should come as no surprise that our proposal today is about polyrattan garden furniture.

The new generation of plastic garden furniture hit the European market as early as the late 1980s and quickly conquered balconies and terraces. Nowadays, modern garden furniture made of poly rats represents an astonishing symbiosis between functionality, aesthetics and environmental awareness.

What are the advantages of garden furniture made of polyrattan


Polyrattan is a relatively undemanding material that convinces with a long service life and high resilience. Polyrattan garden furniture is extremely stable, weatherproof and extremely easy to clean and maintain. You can safely leave them outside all year round without affecting the surface. They withstand large temperature differences and, unlike other plastic furniture, they do not fade from the UV rays of the sunlight. In addition to these important factors, the aesthetic factor also counts.

Polyrattan garden furniture: suggestions for the 2015 gardening season

Garden furniture-modern-garden-bed-made-polyrattan-igloo-shape-AIR-Talenti

Garden furniture made of polyrattan from the Italian manufacturer Talenti convince with a noble and modern design. The high-quality wicker furniture, including accessories and upholstery, guarantee timeless elegance and the highest quality. Only the best materials with high weather resistance and excellent usage properties are included in the range. The area of ​​application goes from living and dining rooms to year-round outdoor use. The rattan garden furniture from Talenti is available in the classic colors white and black. The white look is simple, light and cool, while the black one has a particularly elegant character.

If the ideal garden furniture is already in place, summer 2015 can come!

Garden furniture made of polyrattan offers a high degree of relaxation

Garden armchair-polyrattan-armrests-AIR-Talenti-aluminum frame-white

A cozy atmosphere

Terrace-garden-furniture-made-of-polyrattan-2015-air-sofa-modern-wicker furniture

Design your personal dream lounge


Garden-furniture-made-of-polyrattan-design-Talenti-Italian-white-coffee table

Cozy garden island with a lounge look


Unique garden lounge chair