Furniture made of cork – the environmentally friendly alternative to wood

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Cork has long been a popular material – mainly because of its insulating properties. But now a new trend is picking up – the Furniture made of cork have successfully established themselves in recent years. More and more designers are experimenting with the material, and the end results are impressive – the end result is fascinating and creative pieces of furniture that, like wood, bring a fresh note into the interior. With only one difference – cork is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Cork furniture – sustainable projects create a cozy atmosphere

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Cork is made from cork oak – this type of tree grows in the Mediterranean region and is particularly widespread in Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Italy. The material is made from the bark, for this purpose the tree is peeled. However, this does not damage its growth at all – compared to normal logging.

And cork also has other great advantages – the material costs significantly less than solid wood, can be recycled, is extremely durable and heat and water resistant. Even more so, if untreated, cork is considered fire-resistant. In addition, its surface is dirt-repellent and has an antibacterial layer – which makes it particularly practical for households with allergy sufferers.

Perhaps that is why more and more interior designers are opting for cork floors or cork panels on the walls. But the possible uses are practically endless – like the excellent furniture collections from Creative cork and Daniel Michalik prove. Fine and comfortable pieces of furniture can be made from this, giving the interior a modern and at the same time homely look. Because nowadays, exciting contrasts are not created by colors, but primarily by textures and materials. Cork can be combined with wood, natural stone, but also metal and glass.

Cork furniture – the Creative Cork collection

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