Furniture made from wooden pallets – 26 practical ideas to build yourself

wooden pallet furniture coffee table legs metal gray sofa

The wooden pallets are used in shipping companies and warehouses so that heavy and large objects can be transported. Afterwards these are burned or sold. But the wooden pallet is a spectacularly diverse element that can be recycled and given a new application. We offer you 26 ideas that will stimulate your creativity. Let yourself be built for the next project Furniture made from wooden pallets to inspire.

Furniture made from wooden pallets – build your own pallet bed

wooden pallet furniture headboard bed bedroom idea side table rustic

The wooden pallets are very stable and inexpensive. For most projects, you don’t even need to dismantle the pallet in separate wooden slats. Beds, swings, living room tables and garden furniture – these are just a few of the many design options that the pallets offer. If the pallet furniture is to be used indoors, then make sure that it does not contain any insects. Then with sandpaper and a coat of paint you can work wonders.

Plant table as furniture made of wooden pallets

furniture made from wooden pallets planting table outdoor fold-out rake flowerpot

Vertical garden with pallet as a flower box

furniture made of wooden pallets wall vertical garden decoration idea plants

Assemble pallet boards to a room divider

furniture made of wooden pallets room divider idea boards decoration

Privacy screen for the terrace

Privacy screen garden terrace pallet flowerpots

Pallet bed and Scandinavian design

self-made furniture pallet bed mattress scandinavian ambience

Office equipment

self-made furniture from wooden pallets, tables, glass top

a nice hanging bed for the garden

homemade wooden pallet bed hanging bed garden tree mattress

cozy reading corner outdoors

outdoor furniture wooden pallets garden lounge modern

Sofa made from pallet furniture

furniture wooden pallets sofa cushions white plank floor

nice and bright – white furniture and wooden tables

wooden pallets living room table white furniture solid wood table

Dining table made from wooden pallets

dining table wooden pallets outdoor white chairs contrast

Living room table with castors

coffee table roll wood pallet roll shelves

nice seating area for the terrace

outdoor furniture made from wooden pallets patio furniture sofa tables

raised beds flowers yourself build pallets garden

homemade furniture wood pallets children's room bed headboard

pallet bed children's room industrial style

furniture wooden pallets table build yourself glass top

furniture wooden pallets sofa lounge corner seating cushions

furniture wooden pallets armchairs bookshelf reading corner

furniture wooden pallets lounge coffee table roll

furniture wooden pallets coffee table glass top decoration stones vases white roses

Build your own pallet bed red dark purple bed linen candles romantic

self-made furniture from wooden pallets hanging bed mattress

self-built shelf kitchen wooden pallet kitchen utensils furniture made from wooden pallets