Furniture for relaxation – a wooden triangle as a chair, bed and armchair

Furniture for relaxation the cloud house yuan yuan wood triangle

Yuan yuan is a Chinese designer who lives and works in Paris. When she was a kid, her dream was to sleep and play in the clouds, and by creating The Cloud House, has she managed to make this dream come true, at least in part. the Furniture for relaxation are particularly effective outdoors, so you can roll this comfortable designer piece anywhere.

Furniture for outdoor relaxation – The Cloud House by Yuan Yuan

place relaxation wood positions chair armchair bed

The wooden triangle offers a semi-open and comfortable place to relax. It is as a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used like an armchair, bed and chair. It changes depending on its different positions. It can be used in three different positions, changing the curves for the body each time. All Furniture for relaxation combined in one piece.

Furniture for relaxation – three different positions

Furniture relaxation outdoor wood multifunctional cloud house

Each curve hugs the body for a perfect resting position, creating a protective cover. Ideal for a nap. The combination of solid wood and plywood gives strength and flexibility, but also expresses the elegance and lightness of the construction. However, the project is inspired by the clouds, the movement of the wind and the multitude of shapes.

simply roll in the desired position

Piece of furniture relaxation wood triangle free yuan yuan

multifunctional furniture relaxation free designer yuan yuan

designer furniture for relaxation bed position wood triangle

 Process of manufacture

the cloud house manufacture yuan yuan project

Solid wood

the cloud house design wood space relaxation


Furniture for relaxation the cloud house plywood

the cloud house yuan yuan relaxation solid wood

cloud house designer yuan yuan designed

the designer

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