Furniture collection “Collage” with an artistic wall unit

furniture collection storage wall shelf lowboard sofa coffee table

We would like to introduce you to a fascinating and at the same time attractive piece of furniture. Its items make up that Furniture collection “Collage”, a work by DSIGNIO. The collection basically consists of individual blocks of wood that seem to overlap. Various art movements from the beginning of the 20th century serve as inspiration for the simple yet attractive design, including neo-plasticism, cubism and suprematism.

Furniture collection – wall unit made of different wood colors

shape living wall variable carpet lowboard furnishing furniture

Originally the furniture collection consisted of a floating wall unit in different wood colors, whereby the shape and size can also be varied. Shortly afterwards, the designers added a coffee table, dining table chairs, a couch with a matching armchair, as well as a stool that can also serve as a deck chair, a side table, coffee table and even a rug. The result are pieces of furniture that look almost sculptural with their design.

Furniture collection – the wall unit in different shapes

living room idea furniture collection collage concrete deck chair chandelier

You can see how the furniture collection can be used in the living area in the following photos. There is also an informative video about the planning and implementation of the design. The furniture collection is the perfect choice for the modern interior. The different wood tones are effective and at the same time radiate warmth for a cozy atmosphere.

White couch to match the other furniture

white couch stool shelf wall unit lowboard tv

Coffee table from the furniture collection

parquet furnishing furniture collection collage idea living wall design

Small version of the wall unit from the collection

coffee table furniture collection wood wall unit carpet gray

Furniture design from shelves and lowboard

furnishing modern parquet tiles built-in wall furniture dsignio

The wooden blocks of the furniture seem to be overlapping

design idea dsignio fell wall unit wood block modern

Furniture collection – Lots of storage space in the wall unit with impressive doors

modern style furniture collection cupboard parquet wood

The collection with a dark sofa and stool

dining room collage furniture dining table chair living room furnishings

Large dining table and chairs from the collage collection

furniture dining room table chairs chandelier wall art tiles

Furniture design inspired by art history

marble black sideboard table shelf sculpture clothing

wood furniture shelf design light dark glasses collection

A design by DSIGNIO.