Furnishing with solid wood furniture – feeling good in a natural ambience

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Wood brings nature into your own four walls – the material creates a cozy ambience, gives the interior warmth and comfort and ensures a healthy room climate. Perhaps that is why furnishing with solid wood furniture has been very popular in recent years. But be careful – not every piece of furniture made of wood is considered solid. In the article you can find out what actually stands behind the term and how you can recognize high-quality furniture without harmful substances.

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – what does the term “solid wood” actually stand for?

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The term “solid wood furniture” (still called solid wood furniture) is expressly regulated in DIN standard 68871. Pieces of furniture that are not veneered and are made entirely of solid wood with the exception of the drawer bottoms and back are considered solid wood furniture. Individual, invisible construction parts may be made of softwood.

Solid wood / solid wood / itself is carved out of the cross-section of a tree trunk – the milled lamellas and rods are first stored and dried and then processed into glued wood panels. Both chemical and mechanical treatment are excluded. The most important advantage of this processing is that it allows the natural material to prove its properties.

In contrast, plywood, MDF boards and fiber boards are made from shredded pieces of wood. The natural material therefore changes its properties – this is why these are marked as wood-based materials and not as solid wood.

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – the advantages of solid wood at a glance:

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– Solid wood breathes and regulates the humidity in the room;

– Solid wood does not contain any harmful substances, repels dust and is therefore a good choice for allergy sufferers;

– Solid wood furniture is extremely robust and durable;

– Some solid woods such as pine have a very pleasant scent of resin;

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – what should be considered when buying?

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Even if the furniture is manufactured in accordance with DIN standard 68871, this does not automatically mean that it also complies with other quality standards and sustainability principles. These criteria should therefore play a role when choosing furniture:

– Sustainability – does the wood come from certified forestry? Renowned dealers place great value on this.

– Free of harmful substances – the furniture (including accessories such as mattresses and upholstery) is really tested and without harmful substances?

– How is the wood surface treated – is it provided with a seal or do the manufacturers advise treating it with wax and oil (the second variant is actually advantageous because this allows the wood to breathe)

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – the right care

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Solid wood furniture can serve a lifetime if properly cared for. And this should start from the first day – first, the furniture must be put in a dry, well-ventilated room for 24 hours. Then arrange the furniture in the living / sleeping area so that each piece of furniture is exposed to the sun’s rays evenly – this prevents irregular discoloration. Everyday cleaning is extremely easy – wipe the furniture with a dry cloth, remove stains with wooden soap.