Furnishing ideas for 2017 – the latest living trends

Furnishing ideas for 2017 - current-living-trends-carpet-blue-functional-elements

The newest Furnishing ideas for 2017 are more based on the past – handcraft, wood, nostalgia, but also the opulent Miami style. With the hectic pace of everyday life, people value the cosiness and the feeling of life more, want to retreat to a world different from the outside world. Great emphasis is placed on the details – colors and fabrics that convey a feeling of security, soft upholstery such as knitwear and spacious sofas with as many pillows as possible. Wood remains the most popular material because of its warm appearance. Even the tiles no longer look hard and cold, but more like wooden floors. The angular, angular shapes diminish or are only present at the dining and coffee tables.

Furnishing ideas for 2017 – the latest living trends

Furnishing ideas for 2017 - current-living-trends-blue-turquoise-tulip-living-landscape

The colors of the latest interior design ideas for 2017 are blue, gray, coffee tones and black. Different shades of blue such as indigo, jeans or petrol are absolutely trendy as accessories and details in living spaces, for curtains, carpets, wallpaper and cozy pillows. The white color that has prevailed for a long time in the upholstery of sofas and armchairs is retreating, gray tones and black dominate. As the basic color for the walls and for straight surfaces, however, it remains current. The natural colors coffee, khaki and taupé can be easily combined with the natural materials.

The current materials in the interior design ideas for 2017 will of course remain. Leather, wool and felt cover the sofas. The wooden furniture is mainly made of oak and walnut. and are characterized by naturally faded, matt and velvety surfaces.

Furnishing ideas for 2017 – living landscapes made of natural materials

Furnishing ideas for 2017 - current-living-trends-shelf-solid-wood-living-landscape

According to the furnishing ideas for 2017, the shapes are developing in two directions – subtle and rather puristic and over-decorated. The design classics from the 20th century and new pieces of furniture in the Bauhaus style meet the Miami style with lots of pink and flamingos – the new decoration trend. Another trend in the 2017 home trends is the upcycling of objects through to entire apartments from former factories known as lofts.

Latest living trends – Miami style


Clever functional solutions for the storage and organization of surfaces and rooms are shapely tables and shelves, furniture additions and boxes for laptops and tablets and their cables.

Writing and dressing table in one


Solid wood buffet with functional doors


The puristic dining table is longer thanks to the folding function on the sides


Tetra modules made of solid wood form whole open wall shelves



Simple desk with background


 Puristic dining table made of walnut

furnishing-ideas-2015-current-living-trends-brick233-gervason-quadrangular-dining table

Washbasin with cabinet made of solid wood


Simple living landscape – natural materials and colors 



furnishing ideas for 2015 - current-living-trends-lazy-stuhl-fuss

According to the furnishing ideas for 2017, upcycling design remains current


Natural materials and natural colors


Blue is the color of 2017






furnishing ideas for 2015 - current-living-trends-plum-planet-lamp

furnishing-ideas-2015-current-living-trends-plants-clock-holy-totem & amp; totim.jpg

furnishing ideas for 2015 -current-living-trends-overdecorated-opulent-colorful