Fascinating collection of outdoor patio furniture from Vondom


Take a good look at this fascinating collection of Patio furniture and you will not only be attracted by its elegance and beauty, but you will begin to dream of a wonderful patio terrace in your home. This goal is not difficult to achieve – on the contrary – a terrace instead of a garden with lots of plants is much easier to obtain. So, you just have to pave the area around the house with some of these ideas for exclusive Patio furniture set up and decorate in your own inspiring style.

Square from Vondom – luminous patio furniture


The main elements of the Patio furniture are the sofas, stools and tables. The country style with a retro and romantic flair comes with a wooden bench and table instead of such a modern collection from Vondom. On a luxurious Patio terrace you can also put a solid steel or marble table and leather couch with plush. The main idea in the production of Patio furniture is to be comfortable and cozy for the customers, because after all the patio is the place where we rest and relax.

Pillow by Vondom – patio furniture with UV radiation


The most of Patio furniture Ideas are combined with additional elements such as parasols or deck chairs, located right next to a huge swimming pool. Palm trees or ryegrass are the only natural presence (if we even call it artificial turf). The bohemian atmosphere is emphasized with a hammock that can replace the bench or sofa if your terrace is too small and you still want to keep the old trees in your garden.

luxurious patio furniture – Fez by Vondom


To the Patio furniture To keep it pristine and well-groomed, you’d better lay it on firm flooring – concrete, ceramic, or brick – surround lounge furniture with a wall or cute fence, and finally – put some sort of protective cover over the chairs, table, and sofa. Another alternative for protecting your patio furniture is to buy some light and compact ones so that you can easily remove them in the rainy and windy days.


impressive collection of Vondom

   white patio furniture from Vondom


Doux – green patio furniture from Vondom


Patio furniture collection – Vertex by Vondom


white patio furniture from Vendom


Lava – patio sofa by Vondom


Outdoor lounge chair by Vondom

outdoor lounge chair vondom

white polyethylene patio furniture by Vondom