Exclusive living room furniture and lighting – home fashion from Italy

Armchair lamp design idea collection trends 2013

We offer you glamorous and modern ideas for Home fashion – with this ornate living room furniture and lighting by the renowned Italian designer Roberto Fallani. Be inspired by these artistic designer pieces and enjoy the sculptural futuristic furniture pieces from his collection.

Home fashion – living room furniture and lighting

Desk in futuristic italian home

 Italian artist, sculptor and jewelry designer Roberto Fallani is for its creative approach to the exclusive furniture and artwork. His work is often described as interior decoration and resembles more modern works of art than ordinary pieces of furniture. The relax armchairs, for example, may look extravagant and attract attention with their interesting shapes and golden upholstery, but they are super comfortable for sitting and resting. The tables from the Habitat collection are a practical addition to the interior and can be perfectly combined with the chairs. the Home fashion The ideas of the Italian designer are characterized by creativity and eclecticism and redefine the concepts in interior design.

 Home fashion by Roberto Fallani

futuristic floor lamp Italian designer

The lamps from his excellent collection with an iron frame can not only decorate the room, but also illuminate it. They set accents in the interior and consist of interesting iron elements in an industrial look. They are the perfect addition to any modern apartment and can be perfectly combined with modern or minimalist pieces of furniture. Glamorous and glamorous, and at the same time rough and rustic – the look can hardly be described. Roberto Fallani has once again proven his talent and an excellent one Home fashion Designed collection.

Works of art for modern furnishings – dressing table

modern dressing table design - Italian high fashion furniture

Home fashion – luxurious table with ornate decorations

italian home fashion table dining room

Table with classic ornaments – Italian home fashion

Marble table-Italian classic collection

Leather chair in beige color for the modern living room

stylish pieces of Italian furniture armchair

Silver chair for the living room – sculptural furniture from Italy

futuristic chair Italian designer

Lounger with leather upholstery in golden color

Home Fashion Relax Armchair-Golden Color

Chair with a sinuous shape serves as a decoration in the living room

Gilded Leather Chair-Italian Home Fashion

Chair with metal construction and integrated lighting

Living room furniture chair-black color

Italian designer lighting – LED floor lamp for the living room

modern LED lighting living room

Industrial look lighting – floor lamp with an iron frame

modern floor lamp metal frame design

Metal floor lamps for the modern interior

modern lighting floor lamp design

Floor lamp – designer lights from Italy

Floor lamp design idea - Italian designer lighting

Table lamp with an unusual construction in an industrial look

industrial style lighting table lamp

Modern Italian designer furniture – collection by Roberto Fallani

Floor lamp designer pieces of furniture