Exclusive furniture from Modani – in baroque style with a modern flair

Baroque style furniture with a modern flair

When it comes to style, there is one thing to keep in mind: small details make things different. Our living space is easy to change by adding some luxury furniture in his house. Of course, you should pay attention to which type you choose. Let this furniture be as fashionable and functional as possible. The best combination is always associated with the design. Then everything will get better. It can be a sofa, an armchair, a lamp, or any other item, but don’t forget about the design! That’s what actually makes the change.

If you have a Combination of old and new, united in a classic color palette like the new furniture from Modani then you are sure to have good taste. These striking pieces bring a new one ultra luxurious view Of your home.

silver Chesterfield sofa with metallic leather

Exclusive furniture from Modani in baroque style - silver

The classic form of the silver Chesterfield sofa combined with metallic leather makes it a unique work of art. It is a three-seater golden sofa that is characterized by deep seats and comfortable, cozy cushions. Chic style and comfort are 100% guaranteed! That royal armchair design is based on the tradition of the old days, but with its black and white tones it is also fresh and contemporary. The artistic woodwork guarantee true quality and cool surfaces.

royal armchair in the baroque style of Modani

Armchair by Modani in baroque style

If you have a Armchair with Cassiopeia floor lamp combine, then you get a sample of the classic design. It’s a pure decadence look! the black Medusa lamp is another elegant lamp in candelabra style. It’s especially good when you want to add a little bit of drama to your office, living room, or bedroom. Take a look at all of these great modernist furniture at Modani. They will ensure you the change you need.

Cassiopeia floor lamp and black Medusa lamp

Furniture by Modani - Baroque floor lamp

silver Chesterfield sofa in baroque style