Ergonomic office chair promotes healthy posture

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Do you sit in front of the computer screen at work for more than six hours a day? Do you know that the wrong posture can endanger your health? Did you still know that sitting leaning forward puts the greatest strain on the active column, although it is perceived as particularly comfortable? Sitting is rather an unnatural posture for humans, because we humans were once hunters and gatherers. In most cases, the causes of extreme back pain and incapacity to work are unergonomic and outdated seating furniture.

Since we all spend more and more time in a sitting position, choosing the right work chair plays an important role. A ergonomic office chair is designed for long-term use and causes a significant improvement in incorrect posture. There is now a wide range of ergonomic office chairs – here we would like to show you 8 exclusive models with design standards.

On the picture: Steelcase Leap office chair

Ergonomic office chair offers support for the body


An ergonomic office chair promotes dynamic, back-friendly sitting, as well as blood circulation in the back muscles. While sitting upright puts more strain on the back muscles, leaning back does the least harm, but it shouldn’t be taken for too long either. So if you change your sitting posture frequently, you avoid static loads on the spine.

The picture shows: SAYL by Herman Miller 

The changes in sitting posture relieve the intervertebral discs


What are the advantages of an ergonomic office chair?


To prevent back problems or tension, your office chair must also be perfectly tailored to your needs. Thanks to the adjustable back and armrests, you can adjust the seat individually without restricting mobility at the desk. By adjusting the seat height of the office chair, cramping of the legs can be avoided.

The lumbar area is given extra support, while the angle between the backrest and the seat surface remains independent of the seat setting.

Ergonomic work chair offers individual adjustment options


An ergonomic office chair can have a very positive effect on everyday sitting. However, ergonomic chairs are not all-rounders – a lot depends on the correct and changing sitting position and regular strengthening of the back muscles.


Office chair Allsteel Acuity 

Back-friendly office chair 



Ergonomic office chair Humanscale Diffrient World

Set up modern and ergonomic workplaces!



Herman Miller Embody work chair

Modern office interior




ReGeneraton office chair by Knoll



SPACE Seating office chair


Steelcase Leap in black