Eco furniture made from emergency waste is an environmentally friendly alternative

Öko Möbel Rohnstoffe recycles emergency waste material residues OSB panels elastic fabrics

The furniture of the future will hopefully never be made from expensive or slowly renewable materials as it was in the past. A new trend can be seen at design fairs around the world – furniture and home accessories made from recycled raw materials are lovingly handcrafted into extravagant designer furniture. These are not only considered chic, they also represent a new consumer culture. Waste, scraps of fabric, scrap, used car tires, kitchen veneers, etc. are used more and more frequently in furniture production. The exclusive Eco furniture von NOTWASTE oppose the further development of the consumer society.

Eco furniture made from recycled materials

Ergonomic seat surface stool design Notwaste stool environmentally friendly Christian Vivanco

Notwaste is a brand, founded in 2012 by Kristian Almonte and Attanasio Mazzone in Mexico City, which implements innovative design solutions from unusual output products. It originally arose from the idea of ​​not generating any waste in the production processes – from the concept to the end product – and recycling any waste that has already arisen. One of her goals is to work with renowned designers from all over the world who can develop their extraordinary design ideas. The brand recently presented its collection Eco furniture Notwastemx, which consists of 3 pieces of furniture, made entirely from recycled raw materials. The collection emerged from the collaboration with Mexican designers.

Environmentally friendly furniture from Notwaste

Combined furniture storage space bookcases table top OSB-panels-wood

For its products, NOTWASTE only uses waste and production material leftovers from factories in the vicinity. “No waste – no loss” is the company’s philosophy. The produced Eco furniture made of OSB panels are characterized by modern aesthetics and functional design.

Eco furniture combines creativity and the latest technologies 

Sustainable design OSB panels recycle environmentally friendly shelf space books

The combined living room furniture made of OSB panels offers comfortable storage space for books, accessories and other small items and can be integrated into an industrial-inspired interior, for example.

Clara sofa and stool by Ricardo Casas

Eco Sustainable Production Techniques Furniture Environmentally Friendly Notwaste-Ricardo Casas

Environmentally friendly furniture manufacture design ottoman footrest stool

eco furniture Notwaste Mexico Recycle OSB wood panels-Ricardo Casas

Armchair design-stool seat-flexible elastic fabric-recycled raw materials

Design chair with a curved seat surface by Christian Vivianco

Notwaste Environmentally friendly design-furniture-recycling ideas-Christian Vivanco

Eco furniture design modern emergency waste-ecological chair stool-Christian Vivanco

Notwaste OSB panels wood veneer eco furniture stool Christian Vivanco

Combined piece of furniture by Jorge Diego Etienne

OSB design table ideas for bookshelf do-it-yourself

Ecological Furniture Design Books Storage Space Open Table Plates-Recycled Design

Modern table console Notwaste-Öko furniture OSB PLAtten Jorge Diego-Etienne