Dynamic designer sofa “Cay” with a futuristic look

Sofa innovative bed-indoor lounge furniture design

That Designer sofa “Cay” is extremely adaptable. The clear, strictly geometric concept consists of several “facets” that adapt to the body’s movements in a variety of positions. The comfortable piece of furniture is ideal for relaxing after a hard day and is a real asset to the modern living environment.

Innovative designer sofa is a shape shifter

Upholstered sofa modern couch Cay Rehn

The dynamic one Designer sofa offers comfort when sitting, lying down, sleeping, reading, chilling out. Shapes and movement playfully transform the geometric structure. The ergonomically designed seat with dynamic modules reacts to individual needs and demands. Cay is the perfect piece of furniture for an urban lifestyle. The high-quality upholstery complements the modern look.

Designer sofa for individual room design

Convertible sofa with upholstery sleep function design

A sofa is the center of the living room. The exclusive piece of furniture by Alexander Rehn not only impresses with its exclusive look, but also with its creative functions. Designer sofa Cay is a real shape shifter – the shape of the sofa can be changed through body movements.

Dynamic relax couch for relaxation

Lounge sofa design-flexible projecting dynamically

The attention to detail and careful selection of materials make this Designer sofa a modern valuable product. The designer born in Munich in 1983 Alexander Rehn strives to find innovative solutions in the field of furniture design in order to increase living comfort and the feel-good factor. Rehn graduated from the Bergische Kunstschule and in 2010 the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with a focus on furniture design. His professional career began with a job at the Greutmann Bolzern design studio in Zurich, where he was able to gain valuable experience. In 2012 Alexander Rehr founded his design studio in Munich.

Cay Sofa always deforms to match the position you take on it

Origami-inspired furniture innovative

Extraordinary shapes, gdesigned by Alexander Rehn

Relax couch for relaxation-Alexander Rehn

Lounge sofa design – clear design language

Sofa sleep function design-innovative flexible

Creative piece of furniture with a flexible design

Corner sofa design with sleeping function-Rehn Cay

Design solutions by Alexander Rehn

Modern designer sofa, couch upholstery, dynamic design

Sofa bed upholstery

Sofa Adaptable modern futuristic design

Cay sofa – adaptable and dynamic

Convertible sofa design Alexander Rehn-Studio Munich

Modern convertible sofa

Two-seater sofa Alexander Rehn Design

Sofa with sleeping function – sketch

Relax sofa project sketch Rehn

Futuristic shapes

Cay sofa designer sketch Rehn


Rustic designer sofa with sheepskin cover by Sentient Furniture