Driftwood furniture exudes a rustic charm – 25 ideas

Driftwood frame lamp headboard comfortable stylish

the Driftwood furniture are very trendy – they make the interior look cozy, give the furnishings a rustic look and integrate perfectly into both the minimalist, ultra-modern and traditional living concepts. The American brand Hudson Furniture shows how it is done – their furniture collection presents an intuitive and perfect design and perfect workmanship in every detail.

Modern furniture made of driftwood – trend from the USA

Furniture table driftwood modern furniture made of small wood

The mark Hudson Furniture stands for natural Driftwood furniture. Their trademark are the tabletops with an attractive grain. The pure glamor look is completed by a high-gloss finish. Because of simple geometric shapes? The noble pieces of furniture from the collection inspire with their natural shapes. Manufactured using traditional processing techniques and available in various dimensions – the furniture is made of oak, myrtle, pine and acacia wood.

Furniture made from driftwood – an environmentally friendly concept uses storm weakwood

Driftwood mirror details modern concept

the Driftwood furniture are actually made from storm small wood. The trees have a lifespan of between 250-300 years and when they die they are often dangerous for people – they can fall and cause damage to houses. It is precisely from these trees that the furniture and home accessories are made. The wide range of products offers furniture for every room – from dining tables and coffee tables, chairs and stools to modern chests of drawers and sofas. Home accessories such as mirrors and wooden sculptures add to the product range.

Table and bench made of pine wood

Metal legs original square shape

Wooden cupboard with interesting details

Wood designer furniture dark color exquisite manufacturing

Driftwood dining table with high-gloss metal accents

Plastic legs exclusive designer furniture dining room driftwood

Coffee table made of lacquered wood and with metal legs

dark color metal legs of original construction

Garden bench made of processed wood – the company uses small wood

Driftwood Pine Handmade Furniture Design Ideas

The mirror frame is highly decorative and attracts attention

Mirror frame oval modern furniture design ideas

Oak coffee table for the classic living room

different wood panels living room original ideas

Cupboard in a minimalist style – the mirror surface is very trendy in 2014

red color tabletop stylish furniture metalic finish

Mirror frame picture driftwood

Mirror frame made from several types of wood

modern furniture home accessories living room ideas

Modern minimalist furniture with golden details

Table painted natural shapes made of driftwood

Sofa with frame made of driftwood – eclectic piece of furniture

Armrests comfortable upholstery design ideas

Bench and table with attractive grain for the living room

Grain attractive modern furniture wood pine

Modern coffee table with drawer

Drawer low driftwood furniture ideas

Design ideas metal glass details accents oak wood

Living room trends 2014 driftwood furniture ideas

Sliding doors rustic look designer furniture trend USA

Partition wall modern sliding screen designer furniture

Wood sculpture living room decoration ideas modern

Decorative pieces modern wood metal detail home ideas

Wood table top tree trunk plastic table legs transparent

Chandelier glamorous dining room set up ideas