Dressing table in black for the bedroom or bathroom


A dressing table is the dream of many women and not without reason. It is practical as it offers sufficient storage space for all products and offers convenience when doing makeup and hairdressing. Today we would like to give you some examples of one Dressing table in black introduce. The combination of this elegant color and the piece of furniture with decorative properties is simply perfect and looks wonderful in both classic and modern models in high gloss. But see for yourself and let the models inspire you!

Dressing table in black in country style

Dressing table in the country house style

This black dressing table has a country house style and looks particularly elegant thanks to the black color. It is equipped with three drawers in which you can store your make-up and creams. The mirror is removable so that the dressing table can simply be used as a table. There is also a matching stool with white upholstery. The rose ornaments on the stool, which also give the cosmetic table a bit of romance, are particularly pretty.

  Dressing table in black “Invoice”

Dressing table-invoice-in-black

This dressing table in black and high gloss is extremely modern. It has two large drawers as well as a built-in mirror and a practical shelf.

Black dressing table with ornaments


This is another example of a black dressing table with ornaments. It is reminiscent of the baroque style and gives the room a romantic atmosphere. It has five drawers and therefore offers plenty of space for the necessary make-up utensils and products. The mirror and stool are also nicely decorated. The latter has a comfortable upholstery in black.

 Black and modern

Black Vanity Dressing Table

The three-part mirror in which the two outer parts can be adjusted is particularly practical with this model, so that you can see the make-up and hairdressing results from all sides. In addition, the black dressing table has five drawers and a wide, comfortable stool.

 Dressing table with glass chair

Dressing table with glass chair

The black dressing table has two impressive accents. The transparent chair makes the room look more spacious, as it is hardly noticeable and therefore does not take up any space. The mirror, in turn, has a chrome frame and stands out from the black cosmetic table.

 Original dressing table in black


This black dressing table is extremely original. It has an impressive design with a simple tabletop made of straight lines, while the rest of the table consists of curved lines and some of it has ornaments. The dressing table is a real eye-catcher and the perfect addition to your bedroom.

 High gloss for the dressing table


A simple, high-gloss design ensures a classy look. This is also proven by this black dressing table. It has three spacious drawers and an upholstered stool in the same style. The mirror is specially attached to the wall.

 Modern and simple dressing table in black


If you don’t have that much space in your bedroom, but understandably don’t want to go without a dressing table, a model of this size is just right for you. The black dressing table takes up little space, but still offers sufficient storage space thanks to the drawer and the table surface. The mirror can also be adjusted forwards and backwards so that you can adjust it as you wish.

Ransby dressing table from Ikea



This black dressing table with a modern design has a really practical side to it. The mirror can be folded down, creating a flat surface. This means that you can also use the dressing table as a side table or desk when you don’t need it for makeup and hairdressing. The dressing table also has four drawers in which you can stow everything you need.

 Dressing table for the bathroom


If you don’t have space in the bedroom or just prefer to do your makeup and hairstyle in the bathroom, you can choose a black dressing table like this one. It has a washbasin on both sides, while there is enough free space in between to put on make-up. There are also enough drawers in which you can also store other bathroom utensils. All that’s missing is a matching stool and a mirror.