Diverse bamboo furniture and products ensure sustainability

Designer bar stools - sustainable bamboo wood

Numerous pieces of furniture in different designs can be made from bamboo wood – from simple and functional to lavishly decorated and eccentric. Chairs, armchairs, beds, benches and even lights are made from this sustainable material today. Although the number of bamboo friends in Europe is increasing rapidly, they work Bamboo furniture still exotic. Here are a few suggestions!

Bamboo furniture brings a South Sea feeling into your home

Bathroom sink table-made of bamboo in the furnishings

Bamboo is said to be the raw material of the future. It stands for elasticity, toughness, stability and hardness and symbolizes tenacity and perseverance in Eastern cultures. Bamboo accompanies the Asian peoples in all areas of their lives and plays a major role in everyday life, in culture and philosophy of life. The excellent building material for houses is successfully used as a base material for equipment, containers, etc. In short: bamboo can be used universally.

Bamboo furniture – an extremely ecological alternative to traditional wooden furniture

Hallway furniture red chairs wall mirror around wall pictures design

Strictly speaking, bamboo is not a type of wood but, from a botanical point of view, a lignifying giant grass. Every year around 20 million tons of bamboo are harvested worldwide. It can grow up to one meter high within 24 hours, i.e. the bamboo surfaces produce much more wood than deciduous trees such as oak and beech, generate more oxygen and bind carbon dioxide. This benefits the natural ecosystem and protects the slowly growing forest resource. Another helpful property of bamboo is its resistance to fire and chemicals and its extreme resilience.

The versatility of bamboo furniture

Furniture table designed for children for painting and handicrafts bamboo wood

Elastic and yet indomitable, the sustainable material with a long tradition offers various processing options that give the furniture a rustic look. For the Bamboo furniture the whole bamboo tube can be used.

The side table made of bamboo wood is a furniture highlight

bamboo furniture design interior ideas textile carpeting

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use Bamboo furniture are stable and extremely light and have a robust and easy-care construction. There are massive and furniture of various shades. The character of the wood is also preserved with the artistic braids.

A filigree piece of furniture made of bamboo offers storage space

Dressing table with mirror bamboo wood chest of drawers with maritime decorations

Outdoor seating made from the high-quality material

sustainable outdoor furniture-made of bamboo-roof terrace seating area

Outdoor lounge furniture is characterized by its high strength and weather resistance

Ideas for outdoor lounge furniture-made of bamboo canopy bed

Simple bar stool, designed from bamboo

bar stool-indoor furniture-made of bamboo-extra light weight

Use in the bathroom

Bathroom furniture-sustainability bamboo-wood towel rail dresser

Bamboo armchair with footrest

relax chair armchair ottoman-lacquered black-bamboo wood

Designer wall shelf

Wall-hung shelving system made from bamboo storage space solutions

Furniture in a wide variety of designs

designer furniture-with construction-made of bamboo wood modern

Chair with metal legs and bamboo back

coffee table bamboo tubes glass top sustainable material bamboo

exotic interior corner sofa bench-bamboo chair

Furnishing with bamboo wood kitchen cupboard paneling furniture

Outdoor dining table made of bamboo wood in the interior

Washbasin table made of rustic bamboo wood furniture exotic furnishings

Design of patio furniture bamboo wood upholstered sofa coffee table

Terrace furniture wooden bench with cushions-outdoor cushions black and white pattern

Bedroom bed frame made of bamboo furniture decor

Designer chair made of bamboo armchair with bamboo tubes